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Round Twelve is getting set up to be played now. It will have updates soon, but if you can't wait there are more options for you. Please enjoy my second prosperity blog: Fellowship One, or the third one (yes, a gluten for punishment): Clovercrest to get all your sims prosperity wants fulfilled.  If all of that content isn't enough you can also check out Megalahood (the megahood I play sort of prosperity style but in wishes style play.)

Setting up Breeze Point

Still Alive
Updated Coming Soon
Time Off

Meeting the Families
Meeting the families: Yerazig
Meeting the families: Marzena
Meeting the families: Kimon
Meeting the families: Arman
Meeting the families: Isleen

Round One
Round 1: Yerazig
Round 1: Marzena
Round 1: Kimon
Round 1: Arman
Round 1: Isleen

Round Two
Round 2: Yerazig
Round 2: Marzena
Round 2: Kimon
Round 2: Arman
Round 2: Isleen

Round Three
Round 3: Yerazig
Round 3: Marzena
Round 3: Kimon
Round 3: Arman
Round 3: Isleen

Round Four
Round 4: Yerazig
Round 4: Marzena
Round 4: Kimon
Round 4: Arman
Round 4: Isleen
College Round 1

Round Five
Round 5: Yerazig
Round 5: Marzena
Round 5: Kimon
Round 5: Arman
Round 5: Isleen
College Round 2 (Part 1)
College Round 2 (Part 2)

Round Six
Round 6: Yerazig
Round 6: Marzena
Round 6: Kimon
Round 6: Arman
Round 6: Isleen
Round 6: Kimon (2)
College Round 3 (Part 1)
College Round 3 (Part 2)
College Round 3 (Part 3)
College Round 3 (Part 4)
College Round 3 (Part 5)
College Round 3 (Part 6)

Round Seven
Round 7: Yerazig
Round 7: Marzena
Round 7: Kimon
Round 7: Arman
Round 7: Isleen
Round 7: Kimon (2)
Round 7: Arman (2)
Round 7: Platz
Round 7: Dai
College Round 4 (Part 1)
College Round 4 (Part 2)
College Round 4 (Part 3)
College Round 4 (Part 4)

Round Eight
Round 8: Yerazig
Round 8: Marzena
Round 8: Kimon
Round 8: Arman
Round 8: Isleen
Round 8: Kimon (2)
Round 8: Arman (2)
Round 8: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 8: Dai
Round 8: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 8: Marzena (2)
Round 8: Isleen (2)
Round 8: Isleen (3)
Round 8: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 5 (Part 1 and 2)
College Round 5 (Part 3)

Round Nine
Round 9: Yerazig
Round 9: Marzena
Round 9: Kimon
Round 9: Arman
Round 9: Isleen
Round 9: Kimon (2)
Round 9: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 9: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 9: Dai
Round 9: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 9: Marzena (2)
Round 9: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 9: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 9: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 6 (Part 1)
College Round 6 (Part 2)
End of Round 9

Round Ten
Round 10: Yerazig
Round 10: Marzena
Round 10: Kimon
Round 10: Arman
Round 10: Isleen
Round 10: Kimon (2)
Round 10: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 10: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 10: Dai
Round 10: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 10: Marzena (2)
Round 10: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 10: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 10: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 7 (Part 1)
College Round 7 (Part 2)
End of Round 10

Round Eleven
Round 11: Yerazig
Round 11: Marzena
Round 11: Kimon
Round 11: Arman
Round 11: Isleen
Round 11: Kimon (2)
Round 11: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 11: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 11: Dai
Round 11: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 11: Marzena (2)
Round 11: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 11: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 11: Livingston (Arman 4)
Round 11: Marzena (3)
College Round 8 (Part 1)
College Round 8 (Part 2)
End of Round 11

Round Twelve
Round 12: Yerazig
Round 12: Marzena
Round 12: Kimon - Being played


Round 12: Marzena

Entry 13
Ame - Male Adult - Fortune - Taurus - LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Ricky - Male Adult - Family - Libra - LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren
Adalard - Male Child - Libra
Arabelle - Female Child - Pisces
Runa - Female Baby

Runi - Male Baby
Last Entry: Ricky talked about all the alien babies that have started showing up ever since Ame had his. Maddison had a puppy named Gunner. The twins Adalard and Arabelle grew up into children.  Ricky got abducted and also had twin alien babies that were named Runi and Runa. Denis came over and met all his nieces and nephews.
Hello Diary, it's Arabelle

Our house is very busy with 6 people living here.  Adalard and I would occasionally sneak outside to the chess table.  It was a place we could go and it would be quiet.  Dad and Ricky try and keep the noise down, but with two babies it's not really possible unless they are sleeping.

Adalard is much better at making friends than I am.  He always brings people home from school.  I like some people, but most kids my age just want to play all the time.  I like to play some too, but I don't think I know how to go talk to them.  I get so nervous around people I don't know.
Dad did decide to get another dog.  He said something about making sure there were puppies in the world for those that want them.  Our new dog's name is Foo.  I think I would have named her Berry, or Cumin or something natural like that.  She a pretty friendly dog, I like her.

Enough about that, though, Runa and Runi had birthday's and are now little toddlers.  Dad and Ricky had birthday's right around the same time so we threw a huge party.  It was mostly dad and Ricky's friends.  The kids are cute, but they are into everything now.  I don't know if it's really any better than when they were babies.
I don't know why dad and Ricky decided it would be a good idea to teach the toddlers to walk first, but that's what they did.  I think talking might have been more useful, and keep them out of things for awhile, but it was their decision to make.

After awhile it was time for Adalard and me to become teenagers.  I was ready to be able to do more in school and start figuring out what my dreams are going to be.  I figured it would help out dad and Ricky too.  They both seemed so tired running after us kids all the time.
Adalard Marzena
Male Teen, Romance
LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Turns Ons: Black Hair and Unemployment
Turn Off: Great Cook
Arabelle Marzena
Female Teen, Family
LTW: Graduate 3 Children for College
Turn Ons: Logical and Athletic
Turn Off: Formal Wear

Between work, taking care of us, the garden, and just general life I'm surprised they didn't break down sooner.  Ricky started talking about seeing a yellow bunny rabbit in the kids room.  None of us knew what he was talking about, but he was sure.  We made sure he got more rest after that, and spent plenty of time just being with him.

Even with the twins as toddlers there was always something to do.  At least they were better at entertaining themselves now.  They got to play with the play table Adalard and I used when we were toddlers.  We also all finally went and got some new clothes.  I don't know what sort of strange outfits get sent to our houses on birthday's but they are almost never good.  Now that we are older Adalard and I take on our dad's more often at Mahjong.  We are getting pretty good I think.

It finally became time for the twins to grow up into children.  I have to admit they are pretty cute.  We had another big party, and I got to know a few people.  I even am getting closer with Runa.

Our garden is doing well, and Runa and Runi are starting to be able to help more. We are trying to spend more time together as a family.  With the twins as kids dad and Ricky aren't nearly as tired trying to take care of all of us.  The headmaster of our school came over to see if Runa and Runi should be allowed to join us there.  The headmaster agreed that they will start school with Adalard and I.

I think that's about all there is for now.  Foo did end up having a puppy we named River.  She got sent over to the adoption center.

Editor's Note: This house showed me just how out of practice I am at this game.  The children/babies starting out this round, with the adults turning into elders really reminded me how hard toddlers can be when you haven't played multiple of them at the same time for awhile.  I still love this family and think the aliens are going to be such fun additions to this hood.  Arabelle may not have much of a nose, but I think she is a very pretty alien.  I'm excited to see what Runa or Runi will choose to be when they grow up.

Round 12: Yerazig

Entry 13

Bruce - Male Elder - Fortune - Scorpio - LTW: Become a Business Tycoon
Akinyi Y- Female Elder - Family - Libra - LTW: Marry off 6 Children
Ekene P - Female Adult - Pleasure - Leo - LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Ocean P - Male Adult - Romance - Libra - LTW: WooHoo with 20 Different Sims
Kofi Y - Male Teen - Knowledge - Sagittarius - LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind
Zuri - Female Teen - Popularity - Libra - LTW: Become Celebrity Chef
Last round: Ekene and Ocean got married in a beautiful ceremony, thus giving Akinyi one more married child (she has 4, and needs 2 more.  Enu and Zuri are the last.) Enu left for college after finding a girl he liked.  Kofi met and liked Meadow and worked in culinary.  Bruce took the family on a vacation to Takemizu Village. They got the dragon story from the wise old man.


My heart,

We have started a garden.  Bruce decided it was time to add in trees and plants all over and make a small garden for our grandkids, and great-grandkids to use.  It has taken up almost the entire rest of the yard, but he got himself invited into the garden club.  We didn't get a really high score as it was fall and leaves were everywhere.

Oh, my love, I still feel you with me every day, but I have been so blessed to have Bruce with me.  He has been such a wonderful father to all of our kids, a wonderful provider and husband.  I love him so much!

Bruce has also retired now, and we try to spend time with the kids and grandkids whenever we possibly can.  It's hard to believe our family has grown so much and is doing so well.  It doesn't seem that long ago we felt lost and worried about our future.

With two teenagers in the house, it still feels like we have kids all over the place.  Kori and Zuri are doing so good in school.  They are making friends, and I think Kofi even has a girl he is interested in.  She seems very sweet and is very cute.  I don't know what I would do without our butler to worry about meals and things.  I would never know how many to cook for.

I had mentioned Bruce got into the garden club before.  I wasn't easy on any of us to help him reach that.  People were out working with the plants all times of the day and night.  We also tried to pick up the yard as much as possible.  It was a bit of a nightmare, but I think we know what to do now if Ekene or Ocean decides to join next.

I have spent most of my retirement doing artistic things like painting and pottery and occasionally I work with dad's old flower bench.  I have apparently done enough that I got invited to an artist location where I can share my love of art with others.  I haven't gone yet, but it sounds interesting.

Bruce has gotten into it himself, spending time on the piano we moved into Enu's old room.  He also enjoys working on the pottery wheel.  He says he likes to keep his brain busy with new things so he doesn't get old.  I just always laugh and say, honey, we're already old.  He just pppsst's at me and starts puttering around again.

Bruce and I are still trying to make sure Zuri and Kofi have as much guidance as we can give them.  Ekene is a good mother, but she can get a little preoccupied with her new husband.  I do remember what it was like to be young and in love, though, so I don't say much.  Kofi is a fine young man and ready to leave for college soon.

Speaking of growing older, though.  It's so hard for me to believe this, but Ekene is starting to look a lot like me.  Gray in her hair, slightly less energy than she used to have.  She reached her big elder birthday.  Of course, we had to throw a big party to celebrate the occasion.

My first baby.  It's so hard to believe our daughters are getting this old, my love.  Even harder to believe I am still here to see them continue to grow.  I wish so much to have all 6 of my kids find love.  It appears they have, but I won't be satisfied until they are happily married. My youngest is out of the nest now, though.  Zuri and Kofi achieved many scholarships, and have left for college.

Our dog Barqs is even beginning to show his age.  When we take him with us to the lake though you wouldn't know it.  He runs around just like he was a puppy.  I think he loves meeting all the other dogs around and have someone to play with, and even the occasional cat.  Ocean does a great job at home, but I wonder if he ever got lonely.

With the kids all gone Bruce decided it was time for another family trip, so Ocean, Ekene and I all agreed.  Bruce had us go camping!  Camping!  At our age.  I swear that man doesn't always think.  It trip was fun, and we did so many fun things, but by the end, I was ready for a massage and my own bed.  We did see lots of interesting things, and I got enough plenty of flapjacks.

Another season has come and gone, and while being here without you is easier than it used to me, I still can't help but wish you could see our daughters, your grandkids, and experience all the joys I have been able to.




For yet another event in my life, I have wished to have you here.  To know you. To have you to talk to. You live in town, just houses away, but you are still so far.  I got my first kiss. My first real kiss, with a girl I think might hold my future.  I haven't told mom yet.  She has been a little occupied with Ocean, but I could have talked to you. As a man.

I have also now left for college.  Maybe, when I graduate, you will come.  You will talk to me, and see that I want nothing, but to know who you are better. For you to know me better.

I want you to hold a sense of pride for me, your son.


Editor's Note: This entry has been a long time in coming!  I have missed Breeze Point, but it's also hard to come back a bit.  I have forgotten what most of these sims were doing, what their motivations were.  So please know, while I'm back and playing these families again, entries will be slow to post.  I have to go back and re-read their histories, rediscover their voices.  It's fun to do but time-consuming for me.  I hope you are as excited as I am to rediscover these families and hope you will bear with me as I get back to knowing these wonderful families.


WOW.  So I was just looking back over this hood, and I realized it's been almost 2 years to the day since I last updated.  I want you to know that this hood is NOT dead.  I really hope many of you who have read in the past will come back and check this out when I start playing here again.  This hood is special to me, and I am bound and determined to finish this challenge someday.  However, I did get caught up in doing the prosperity challenge challenge that is occuring at the TS2 Yahoo group.  So, I actually started yet ANOTHER hood.  I know, I know, it's a sickness.  So my time has been devoted there currently.  If you don't know about that neighborhood and you are intersted in seeing how it goes you can find it at http://clovercrest-sims2.blogspot.com/2016/01/meet-families.html.

I am SO close to finishing Fellowship One updates, just one last trek through uni to go, which I'll finish up once the "challenge" ends here in the next month or so.  There were so many sim kids but I think I'm down to 2 or 3 groups of kids to finish up one more year.  Then I'm ECTATIC to think about coming back here.  I will have to read through all my old entries to remember what is happening after 2 years, but I only hope you are as excited to get new updates here as I am to actually get to post them.  I am so thankful for those who keep reading and keep commenting, it means the world to me that you are still interested in these little pixel people's lives, and what I have to write about them.

Time Off

Hello all,

I wanted to post a quick message here and I am still alive and am still playing Sims 2.  I had taken a bit of a break from the game for awhile, and then with all of the holiday stuff didn't have a lot of time to devote.  Right after the holidays my very faithful laptop, where I do all my playing, decided it was time for it to die.

I now have a new laptop and was very apprehensive about trying to get Sims 2 to work on it.  I went through and installed the base game and it started up without a problem.  So I decided to try and install it all and see how it went.  Everything is now set up and seems to be running correctly.  I will probably play a couple things in a non-set up and loved neighborhood just to make sure nothing breaks, but so far it looks like I might be able to get back to playing and blogging soon.

I am going to be finishing up the university round in Fellowship One hopefully before too much longer.  After that is done and blogged I will be SUPER excited to get back to Breeze Point!

Stay tuned!