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Round Thirteen is currently in the process of being played. While waiting for updates I have multiple other challenges going currently, and two on hiatus, that you can check out if you would like. First there is  Megalahood where we play the wishes style of play in The Sims 2. If you enjoy or are in the mood for something else I also have Hope in Dumsters, which is a Dumpster Diver challenge in Sims 3, as well as the DeLacy Wishacy, which is the wishacy challenge. Additionally I have EPIC Tripp, which is the Evolotion & Progress in Change challenge in Sims 4 that you can also check out, and have just started Latte Game, which is a name game challenge also in TS4. A new Sims 2 challenge is also now here, and is the Officially Wacky Booprop Challenge, the rules are over on if you are interesting in looking at them. Finally I have two other Sims 2 challenges that are currently on hiantus, Fellowship One (based on the fellowship families from the yahoo group), and Clovercrest which is another prosperity style neighborhood (just a little more lax with mods.) Finally a note to say if you are looking for a community of sims players across any and all of the games I highly suggest you check out  It's a great, thriving community that is full of people who just love to share their stories and love for these games.

Setting up Breeze Point

Still Alive
Updated Coming Soon
Time Off
Coming Back
SimNaNo 2019

Meeting the Families
Meeting the families: Yerazig
Meeting the families: Marzena
Meeting the families: Kimon
Meeting the families: Arman
Meeting the families: Isleen

Round One
Round 1: Yerazig
Round 1: Marzena
Round 1: Kimon
Round 1: Arman
Round 1: Isleen

Round Two
Round 2: Yerazig
Round 2: Marzena
Round 2: Kimon
Round 2: Arman
Round 2: Isleen

Round Three
Round 3: Yerazig
Round 3: Marzena
Round 3: Kimon
Round 3: Arman
Round 3: Isleen

Round Four
Round 4: Yerazig
Round 4: Marzena
Round 4: Kimon
Round 4: Arman
Round 4: Isleen
College Round 1

Round Five
Round 5: Yerazig
Round 5: Marzena
Round 5: Kimon
Round 5: Arman
Round 5: Isleen
College Round 2 (Part 1)
College Round 2 (Part 2)

Round Six
Round 6: Yerazig
Round 6: Marzena
Round 6: Kimon
Round 6: Arman
Round 6: Isleen
Round 6: Kimon (2)
College Round 3 (Part 1)
College Round 3 (Part 2)
College Round 3 (Part 3)
College Round 3 (Part 4)
College Round 3 (Part 5)
College Round 3 (Part 6)

Round Seven
Round 7: Yerazig
Round 7: Marzena
Round 7: Kimon
Round 7: Arman
Round 7: Isleen
Round 7: Kimon (2)
Round 7: Arman (2)
Round 7: Platz
Round 7: Dai
College Round 4 (Part 1)
College Round 4 (Part 2)
College Round 4 (Part 3)
College Round 4 (Part 4)

Round Eight
Round 8: Yerazig
Round 8: Marzena
Round 8: Kimon
Round 8: Arman
Round 8: Isleen
Round 8: Kimon (2)
Round 8: Arman (2)
Round 8: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 8: Dai
Round 8: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 8: Marzena (2)
Round 8: Isleen (2)
Round 8: Isleen (3)
Round 8: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 5 (Part 1 and 2)
College Round 5 (Part 3)

Round Nine
Round 9: Yerazig
Round 9: Marzena
Round 9: Kimon
Round 9: Arman
Round 9: Isleen
Round 9: Kimon (2)
Round 9: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 9: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 9: Dai
Round 9: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 9: Marzena (2)
Round 9: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 9: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 9: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 6 (Part 1)
College Round 6 (Part 2)
End of Round 9

Round Ten
Round 10: Yerazig
Round 10: Marzena
Round 10: Kimon
Round 10: Arman
Round 10: Isleen
Round 10: Kimon (2)
Round 10: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 10: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 10: Dai
Round 10: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 10: Marzena (2)
Round 10: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 10: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 10: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 7 (Part 1)
College Round 7 (Part 2)
End of Round 10

Round Eleven
Round 11: Yerazig
Round 11: Marzena
Round 11: Kimon
Round 11: Arman
Round 11: Isleen
Round 11: Kimon (2)
Round 11: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 11: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 11: Dai
Round 11: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 11: Marzena (2)
Round 11: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 11: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 11: Livingston (Arman 4)
Round 11: Marzena (3)
College Round 8 (Part 1)
College Round 8 (Part 2)
End of Round 11

Round Twelve
Round 12: Yerazig
Round 12: Marzena
Round 12: Kimon
Round 12: Arman
Round 12: Isleen
Round 12: Kimon (2)
Round 12: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 12: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 12: Dai
Round 12: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 12: Marzena (2)
Round 12: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 12: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 12: Livingston (Arman 4)
Round 12: Marzena (3)
College Round 9 (Part 1)
College Round 9 (Part 2)
Round 12: Peshterianu
Round 12: Peshterianu (2)
College Round 9 (Part 3)
College Round 9 (Part 4)
End of Round 12

Round Thirteen
Round 13: Yerazig
Round 13: Marzena
Round 13: Kimon - Being played
Round 13: Arman
Round 13: Isleen
Round 13: Kimon (2)
Round 13: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 13: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 13: Dai
Round 13: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 13: Marzena (2)
Round 13: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 13: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 13: Livingston (Arman 4)
Round 13: Marzena (3)
College Round 10 (Part 1)
Round 13: Peshterianu
Round 13: Peshterianu (2)
Round 13: Rauscher
College Round 10 (Part 2)
End of Round 13

Round 13: Marzena

Entry 14

Ame - Male Adult - Fortune - Taurus - LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Ricky - Male Adult - Family - Libra - LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren
Adalard - Male Teen - Romance - Libra - LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Arabelle - Female Teen - Family - Pisces - LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College
Runa - Female Child - Sagittarius
Runi - Male Child - Capricorn


Last Round: There were a ton of birthdays, first Ricky's twins grew into toddlers, and then later in the round grow up in children.  Ame's twins grow into teens, and Ame and Ricky both grow into elders.  A single puppy was born and sent to the adoption pool, and the family studied, worked on hobbies, started building up a garden.


The family tree hasn't changed much since we were last with this family.  Kofi moved to college and is in love with Meadow, and Kagiso was borns to Ame and Ricky's adopted son Alvin and his wife Subira Rauscher. Denis' other son, Falkor, will be in college in another couple of rounds, as will the alien twins born to Ame, Adalard and Arabelle.


Hello there,

Time to conintues to march on and the kids keep getting older and older. The teens are working on their skills to get some scholarships for college, and meeting other teens, and starting to date.  The younger twins are just still being kids, playing and having fun with each other.  It's hard for me to believe they are all getting so much older already but it's amazing to see the all growing up so well. We are still working on homework and trying to teach the kids to take care of the garden too.


Arabelle, our sweet girl, wants kids all her own, and even though Ame and I tell her she has time she decided to ask the wishing well for love.  The well brought her someone she is quite smitten with in George. They are, apparently, going steady now and while Ame and I know we don't have much of a leg to stand on, we hope she isn't rushing.  Still, they seem happy together so far.


Adalard, our romance loving boy, has also started a bit of a relationship with Gina Isleen, Anneliese's daughter with Kiyoshi.  I guess it makes sense they would have something in common, since Gina's sister is the other alien living in town.  I hope he is being honest with her about what he wants.  He's not likely to settle down.


The twins have been brining more and more of our friends kids over.  I think we haved the Livingston twins, and Gisela's son Kurt.  The kids love to play with water ballons in the back yard all the time.


Our dog Foo has a couple of additional puppies, one is named Isaac and we decided to keep him, the other was sent off to the adoption pool for others to be able to adopt and love.  We also had a very sad day when Madison passed on.  She had always been a really good dog.


Adalard and Arabelle have apparently had good dates because the kids have started bringing them gifts.


Ricky and I now have quiet moments in the day to spend together, however, with the kids at school.  Ame, my love, is such a good father.  I love him so and our family.


We have even started spending more time on our own hobbies, and I have gotten back into toy making.  I hope to get a gold badge soon.


The kids are so good together, and I love how much time the older kids spend with their younger siblings.  It's nice that they all get along so well.


We had a horrible incident happen, however, in a burglar trying to rob us.  Luckily we had the alarm and the police showed up right away before anything was taken.  It did set off the kids a little bit and they all started handling it some in their own way.  We just trying to keep doing things with them as much as we can.


We then threw a huge double birthday party for Runi and Runa. I cannot beleive my babies are teenagers now. The party was a big success and each kid got to invite someone over.


So hard to believe they are all grown up.  I know they will successful in life. Runa was the first to blow out her candles, and she is a beautiful young woman.

Runa Marzena
Female Teen, Family
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Turn Ons: Cologne and Stink
Turn Off: Black hair

After that, Runi blew out his candles.  It is interesting how our kids ended up growing up very similarly.

Runi Marzena
Male Teen, Romance
LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Turn Ons: Fitness and Glasses
Turn Off: Black hair

The girls continue to date, Arabelle dates George, and Runa tries her had at the wishing well, but doesn't get anyone she really really likes.  She was very sweet though, and went and got phones for herself and her brother.


With the kids all as teens now we are glad they still all get along and had a day where we invited all the rest of the family over.  It was a fun day and we are glad to have such a wonderfully close family.


So much has changed since I wrote last, and yet our family stays strong and I just hope our kids continue to grow and love each other and support each other as much as they can. Ame and I are so excited to see what they all do with their lives, and hope they will be as successful as Alvin.



Round 13: Yerazig

Entry 14

Bruce Rauscher - Male Elder - Fortune - Scorpio - LTW: Become a Business Tycoon
Akinyi Yerazig-Rauscher - Female Elder - Family - Libra - LTW: Marry off 6 Children
Ekene Yerazig-Pederson - Female Adult - Pleasure - Leo - LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Ocean Pederson - Male Adult - Romance - Libra - LTW: WooHoo with 20 Different Sims


Last Round: The family took a vacation of the mountains and had a good time.  Kofi and Zuri both moved to college, and Kofi talked about meeting Meadow. Ekene grew into an elder, as did Barqs the dog. Akinyi and Bruce focused on hobbies.


The family tree for the Yerazig's hasn't changed much since the last round. Of the 6 children that Akinyi has had 4 of them are currently married.  Her dreams to see 6 children get married might come back and might not.  I don't know if I will keep her alive long enough for Zuri to come back and marry, but we will see.  Enu is back in the hood and will get married this round, so it's only Zuri who will be left.  The 6 kids have produced 6 grandchildren for Akinyi and Bruce, 2 boys 4 girls.  Kofi (Eniola's great-grandson,) will be taking over the house and the plan is to have him marry Meadow after graduation.


My heart,

I fear this might be one of my last entries.  I am so close to seeing all 6 of my kids get married, but I had Zuri so late in life I don't know if I will see her wedding.  I do believe she will be marrying Alon Kimon, Hua-Ling and Arcadia's boy. I should, at least, see my Enu, my only boy, get married to Jane.  Oh my darling, our lives turned out so differently then we expected, but with so much joy. Bruce has been trying to keep fit and get his Music and Dance plaque.

Ocean hasn't seemed too interested in getting a job yet, but he has been looking around some.  It's not that the family needs the money currently, and Ekene doesn't seem interested in retirement yet. I do hope he doesn't hurt Ekene, but she has made her choices and is her own woman.

I still mostly spend my days either painting or making flower arrangments.  I wanted to reach my arts and crafts plaque and also wanted to immortalize my dear sweet family, the heirs of the house. While working on flowers one day I did reach my goal and got myself a plaque in arts and crafts.

Meanwhile, my dear Bruce managed to get himself his music and dance plaque while practicing on the piano one day.  I do have to say he has gotten quite good.

We were missing our kids, with Zuri and Kofi both off at college the house had become much too quiet.  Just three elders puttering around the house, so Bruce and I invited many of our kids and their families over to the house to hang out and spend time with all of them.  We had a wonderful get together with Becca, Alvin, Leena, Ataro, Amara, and Patrick.  Bruce and I were able to get to know the kids much better than we had before.

Later that night it seemed that the family gathering had brought my father out to haunt the home.  I do not know why he has become so scary, as that was never he when he was alive.  I miss my father very much, but I know I will see him before too much longer.

Before long Bruce and I wanted to see Zuri and Ekene was really wanting to see her son, Kofi, again and so we invited them over with Meadow and Alon as well.  Then Subira was able to visit as well, and Enu came by with Jane. It was a wonderful time.  It was sad to see them leave for the night, but I'm so glad our family is close my love.

While Zuri was there I passed on many of the items I had to give her and I know she worried what it meant.  I had made her a tea set and just didn't want to forget to give it to her.

After having so much time with family it got quiet in the house again.  Bruce and Ekene spent time together studying their respective hobbies and just relaxing.  My love, that girl is still, in so many ways, the little girl we started to watch grow up and I am glad she has had Bruce.  I do not believe she remembers you, but Bruce raised her to his best ability.

Ekene has recently gotten invited to the Culinary hobby lot, and even though she hasn't visited it yet, it does show her growing interest in the culinary arts.

Everyone was up early on a Saturday so we decided to head to the lake early that day and were surprised to see Enu was there as well.  After a little bit of time, it started raining and we decided to call it a fairly early day at the lake.

Bruce enjoys his garden still and we have a bunch of produce in the house now.  I have also gotten myself into the garden club, but they didn't seem to take into account our sculpture and we didn't notice one of our flowerbeds had been destroyed by a dog.  Hopefully, Ekene or Orlando will be able to get a well for the future generations to use.

Sadly the time of Braqs to spend with us came to an end on a sunny day.  Grimm came for him and he was ready to go.  We were all sad to lose him, he had been such a good dog.  I hope Kofi will bring animals back to the house, but for now, the rest of us don't feel like we want to try and replace him.

To help cheer ourselves up we once again decided to have all the family over.  Not everyone was able to make it but it was a wonderful time with family.

Sadly we suffered another loss while everyone was there.  My dear Bruce passed away.  I will miss him forever, and it brings back so many memories of losing you.  I do not think I will find another love like either of us, and I think I'm more and more ready to join the both of you in the great beyond.

It was so heart-warming to see everyone getting closer after Bruce had left us.  I know our family will continue and grow and I can only hope they will stay as close as we are now.

Ekene spent time with the man she remembers as her dad by working in his garden.

My heart, my darling, I miss you, I miss Bruce, and I think I'm ready to come see you, but I don't want to leave Zuri until she's ready either.  I will be with you soon I hope. My life has been more than I hoped.




When Ekene asked me to marry her I worried about fulfilling my desires.  She was wonderful, but I didn't want to settle down, at least not yet.  Ekene told me not to worry though.  She was getting married to make her mom happy, as she wanted to see all her kids married and happy.  She told me she understood what I wanted, and asked me just one simple thing.  To not flaunt it in front of her or bring it home.  I told her I was fine with that arrangement.

So that's what brought me to the clothing store where I met this wonderful lady.

Nothing has fully happened with her yet, but we did have a great day at the back of the clothing store and I am getting to know more and more ladies around the neighborhood. There are so many that I do not think I will have too much trouble getting stated soon. I will accept and keep my bargain with Ekene to not make my dates obvious or bring them home, but I know I will never be faithful to her.



End of Round 12

Whew, we are finally through Round 12 in Breeze Point.  This round took entirely too long to get through, but if you are still here and still reading, THANK YOU!  Thank you for sticking with me through ups and downs, breaks and times of wondering if I would ever get back to this hood.  It is alive and well and I am thrilled to have gotten this far!  With that out of the way let's get to th stats for this round.

First let's start with where we were at the end of round 11:

17 Households (counting for the kids that JUST graduated) + 1 University
0 deaths
8 births (Runa, Runi, Yu, Gemma, Kurt, Gina, Nico and Nora)
3 new sims (Curtis and Jane and Angie (who I think I forgot last round))
4 graduations with honors (Angie, Rachelle, Cristiano and Opal)
69 sims (4 deceased = 65 active)
Current Points Total: 335

After this round we have the following stats:

18 households + 1 University (counting the household forming with Enu and Jane who just graduated)
2 deaths (Daniela and Trent Peshterianu)
3 births (Vito, Savio, Kagiso)
2 new sims (Meadow, Heidi)
3 graduations with honors (Curtis, Enu, Jane)
74 sims (6 deceased = 68 active)

Current Points Total: 391

This next round we will likely see many of the original founders dying off.  Specifically the Yerazig/Rauscher family will probably have a death or two.  Many of the others just turned elder but we will have a lot of teens going off to college soon and as lot of kids growing up into teenagers this next round as well.  We are more than likely in a bit of a break for kids, although a few families might have another baby this next round, but we are mostly waiting for the kids we have to grow up and get through college.

I am excited to get a lot of the kids who are now children into teens, and to see the teens heading off to college.  I know a couple are old enough they will be headed out this round, but I'm not sure exactly how many are ready.  I am also interested to see if I can get a few more garden club members in the hood now that I have a better feel for how to do it.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this round and will be ready to come back soon to Breeze Point.  We have had generation 3 born, so only two more generations to get through. :)

College Round 9 (Part 4)

Sim State University
Greek House Tri-Point

Curtis Stallkamp - Male YA - Popularity - Aries - LTW: Become Celebrity Chef - Major:  Philosophy
Enu Rauscher - Male YA - Popularity - Aries - LTW: Become Rock God - Major: Economics
Jane Ngai - Female YA - Popularity - Leo - LTW: Become Hall of Famer - Major: Drama
Zuri Rauscher - Female YA - Popularity - Libra - LTW: Become Celebrity Chef - Major: Art
Alvin Kimon - Male YA - Family - Aries - LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College - Major: Undecided/Philosophy

Last Time: Most of the Greek House members, outside of Curtis, filled us in on the going ons around the house.  We saw Enu and Jane graduate and Zuri and Alvin finished their sophomore year of college, and they also made it into the Secret Society.  We had a few hobby plaques be awarded and plenty of badges given out as well.



I am heading back to my beautiful Rachelle.  I have graduated and with honors.  Everything this last year felt like I went by very fast. I spent a ton of time studying still.  However, I do feel ready to take on the challenges of a career now.  I managed to max not only my creativity but also my cooking, and I am almost fully fit again.

Enu and I share many interests and he talked to me about plants and flowers, and just nature in general.  It got me interested to get back into flower arranging. I have not reached more than a bronze level in it yet, but I have worked hard and believe I am close to getting a silver soon.  It will just take a little more time.

During a party that was thrown, I sat down and talked with Meadow.  She will be moving into the Greek House soon.  I explained about composting the stuff in the trash compactor.  For some reason, Enu always seemed to forget and would take it out to the trash, so I wanted to make sure more than Alvin and Zuri would continue to take care of the garden.

Right before graduation, I wanted to give much of our veggies to the newest members coming in.  It would be a while before the new produce would be in, and Rachelle had already told me she had a small garden started.  I did not see any reason to bring all the veggies home when I knew they were needed here.  I kept a small number for myself and handed off the rest to Kofi.  Then I took my finals in Who Controls the Pie Menu and Why? and Senior Project: Preparing for the Fast Food Industry. My senior project felt very relevant since I'm going into culinary and it's good to know how the different levels work.

Then it was time for the graduation party.  Rachelle was there, as was many of our friends and some of her family.  It was a wonderful party and I was very happy to have Rachelle there to help me pack up the few additional things I was bringing home with me and travel back with her.  We are ready to start our lives together.



Sim State Dormitory
Kofi Yerazig - Male YA - Knowledge - Sagittarius - LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind - Major: Mathematics
Meadow Thayer - Female YA - Family - Aquarius - LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren - Major: Undecided/Philosophy
Clara Platz - Female YA - Fortune - Aries - LTW: Become Hall of Famer - Major: Biology
Heidi Downie - Female YA - Popularity - Popularity - LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Major: Political Science

Oh hello,

Life continues to move along here at Sim State.  I have missed Zuri since she moved to the Greek House, but we speak often and I know we will be moving over there soon enough.  She also comes by and visits when she can. With her not here, however, I have made a good friend in Clara.  She is very smart, and while still occasionally she acts her age, is quite mature.
I love Kofi, and we still enjoy hanging out with all of the kids in the drom.  It will be nice to move to the Greek House, however, and have a room we can share.  The house over there is very nice and I am excited to have a house to enjoy. Still, in the meantime, we do hang out a lot here.

One night the craziest thing happened.  I was sitting at one of the tables in the cafeteria area just talking with some people, and this guy in a fancy jacket came in and cuffed me.  Nothing else, just lead me out to a limo.  I knew he wasn't a cop so I wasn't too worried about it, but it was still weird.


Of course, once we arrive, I find out I've been inducted to the secret society.  It was very exciting and I got a new jacket and everything.

It hasn't all been hanging out and chatting with friends either.  I am still studying and doing well in school.  I was told after this year I have to pick a major or I would be put into Philosophy automatically.  I guess that's ok, but I was enjoying these general classes like, Workshop: Writing more goodly and Intro to Philosophy: Your insignificant place in the universe. Of course, I guess that last class was to get us ready to change majors. I also have been keeping in shape as best I can.

We have all moved over to the Greek House now, and completed sophomore year.  I am excited to be done with college in another couple of years and move back with Kofi.  I hope we can get started on a family right away.




I only have two more years left before I get to move home.  I hope you can come to my graduation, and I know I haven't talked to you much lately, but I still think of you often. I am still very much in love with Meadow.  She is the best thing in my life right now.

I do make sure to still study a lot, and am still getting A's in all my classes.  I had to take PEMDAS and You and Stepping Robot Hordes: Dividing by Zero this year.  That second one reminded of you and the robot station you use. Beyond doing that this blond girl interrupted my date with Meadow and put me in the back of a limo.  I told Meadow I would be back as soon as I figured out what was going on.  She gave me a knowing smile and told me she would see me later.

Turned out it was the secret society.  I remember Meadow hinting at it, but I got my jacket, and then this horrible thing happened.  One of the members got eaten by a cow plant!  I had no idea what to do, and many of the members were very upset it happened, but then they said it was because he hadn't been fed.  So I mean, if you have a carniverous plant, why wouldn't you feed it?  Seemed crazy to me. The even crazier part was, the girl had looked kind of familiar and I discovered she was a couple doors down from me in the dorm!

I am all settled into the Greek House with Meadow now as well and ready to start the last two years here.  I will call soon!




So those guys with jackets that I told you about last time, and Clara said were some kind of secret society, yeah, they came for me the other night. Made this weird little dance and then took me in a limo to the house.  It's pretty nice there, and some of the girls seem like they might kind of be into me.  I mean, I'm with Clara, but it's nice to be admired.

After I got my jacket I had been right in the middle of studying something when they grabbed me, so I grabbed a spot on the couch and finished it up.  No one seemed to mind or be surprised.  I guess the house is here for people who want to use it.


I have moved to the Greek House with Clara, Zuri, Kofi, Meadow, and Alvin now.  I learned they have a garden and apparently we all take turns taking care of it.  That's ok with me, it wasn't too bad to weed the stuff, and learning it can't be a bad idea. As long as I can keep up on my studies.  This year was tougher with Patriotism: Why Every Country Is Worse Than Yours and Lab: Making Your Own Monarchy, but so far I'm pulling A's.

Well, I guess that's all there is to tell for now.



I'm Clara,

I don't have as much to catch you up on this time, but there still seems like there is plenty of stuff going on around here at college. The coach has mostly left me alone this year, I guess I've been doing a good enough job, and he has new freshman to whip into shape.  It's nice to not have him barring in yelling at me all the time anymore.  Instead I have been studying a lot, actually, we all have.  I think we have butt prints in the little couch in the upstairs study room we are on it all the time studying.

Anyway, I knew from talking with my aunt Rachelle that there was a secret society out there, so when the guy in the jacket came into the room I figured he was here for that but he did the weirdest little movement and seemed kind of angry in a way that I wasn't completely sure that was what was happening until they led me to a limo.  Then I was pretty sure but when we arrive at the big house somewhere off campus a little ways and I got my jacket I was just ready to go back home.  I mean, why do they have to sound so mean?  Shouldn't it be a good thing?  I mean, I guess it's because they are trying to throw you off, but I don't know, it just seems counter-intuitive to me.

Anyway, so yeah, that happened.  I've been hanging out a lot with the girls in the dorm, and with Heidi, of course.  She is the best thing and I love that girl to death.  She is getting to be friends with my brothers and I'm so happy about that.  Anyway, we hang out and play games and just talk all the time.  It's good fun and it's nice to have people around to talk with. 

I haven't really gotten to be friends with Kofi yet.  Every time I open my mouth he seems to totally disinterested.  I guess we don't have the same interests but I also knew I wanted to be big woman on campus and I needed friends.  We were going to be living together even so one night I asked him to just hang out with me, and see if we could find some common ground.  Turned out we actually did have some thins to talk about and we both come from really big families and it ended up being a lot of fun.  He said he was sorry he had always sort of dismissed me, I know I'm younger, and I have a feeling that might have had something to do with it.  Plus, we are all really busy I know, so I'm glad we have common ground now!

So yeah, that was pretty much this year.  I'm still getting A's, and I still don't find classes that hard to get through, although this year's Enzymes: Ase up your life and The Lysozome: Everybody's favorite trash eater certainly had their challenges, and I do still have coach come in occasionally and tell me I need to work out more.  I wonder if I'll keep seeing him at the Greek House.  Probably, he seems to know right where I am all the time, it's a little creepy.  Anyway, I have practice!


College Round 9 (Part 3)

Sim State University
Greek House Tri-Point
Curtis Stallkamp - Male YA - Popularity - Aries - LTW: Become Celebrity Chef - Major:  Philosophy
Enu Rauscher - Male YA - Popularity - Aries - LTW: Become Rock God - Major: Economics
Jane Ngai - Female YA - Popularity - Leo - LTW: Become Hall of Famer - Major: Drama
Zuri Rauscher - Female YA - Popularity - Libra - LTW: Become Celebrity Chef - Major: Art
Alvin Kimon - Male YA - Family - Aries - LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College - Major: Undecided

Last Time: The Greek house members each told about what was going on in the house.  Two new members joined, Zuri Rauscher and Alvin Kimon. Enu and Jane repaired their relationship after the cow mascot had caused a jealous reaction last round. Term papers were written, gardening was done, and Curis invited Rachelle over for some fun together.


My Diary,

So life at university continues to be pretty crazy.  I am, of course, at the Greek House now, I moved in at the end of last year so I could have my entire Junior year here.  It's a nice place, although they have a hole in one of the bedroom floors.  It's sort of weird, and when I asked about it everyone just says they know it's there and that's about it. Seems like it's sort of a right of passage being the new couple in the house that Alvin and I take the crazy room with the hole.  I just hope neither of us gets up in the middle of the night and falls down it. Right at the beginning of my sophomore year this weird guy walked in and interupted my studying making this crazy arm movements.  Turns out he was just part of the secret society on campus, which I am now a member of.

I got to know Jane, Enu's finace better and I made sure to help her in the garden.  That eggplant juice is really helpful when trying to get some skills for classes and just life in general.  Classes are certainly getting harder, and my studio time has increased termendiously.  This year I've had to take Underwater basket weaving: Art meets fitness and Oil painting and other ways to poison one's self.  That second class, let me tell you, that was a bit of a scary one.  Still, things were going well in school.

We had some fun toga parties.  What is a greek house without toga parties?

I did mangage to spend enough time in the garden I got myself a bronze badge and then finally a silver badge by the end of the year.  I feel like I can plant pretty much anything now.  I will need to discuss with Alvin if there is room at his homestead for a garden, I feel like there was, but I also want to make sure there is room for any witch items needed as well. I don't know if it's being in the Greek House, or just our schedule this year, but I feel like I've seen a lot more of Alvin again.  It's been nice to sit down and be able to play with him and talk more.

I find that the majority of my time, however, is spent with Jane.  We just seemed to really click, you know?  She's a great girl and I think she was sort of glad to have another girl around.  Apparently Rachelle wasn't always her biggest fan, but she was at least another female in the house.

Over the course of the year I have managed some pretty big things, included completey maxing out my Cooking, Charisma, and Creativity skills.  I feel like I am fully ready to take on the Culinary world, as soon as I am done with college.  I know I have the needed skills.  It feels like a big weight is lifted off me, and let's me focus on school and hobbies more now.

Durring the course of one party Heidi and I were able to become the best of friends.  I'm glad because they have moved into the Greek House now, and I want us to all get along well.  We also had some excitment when the big tree caught on fire, but luckily the rain put it out just as quickly.

I'm just realizing, for all that happened this year, there isn't much for me to actually say about most of it, so I guess I'll write again when things get interesting again.



Hi, I'm Alvin!

I'm apparently getting popular enough I got invited to be a part of the secret society here on campus. It's all very hush hush, but Zuri is also a part of it, actually the whole Greek House is, I think I was the only person for a bit who wasn't.  Anyway, I'm in now, and while they have a really cool house they have something that makes me not really want to go back there.

They have a scary plant that looks a lot like a cow.  It put this piece of cake out of it's mouth and apparently eats people!  I was told if it's well fed it doesn't worry about eating people so I made sure to feed it while I was there.  Then I quickly went home.

I have been studying a lot.  I don't really have a desire to have a specific job in my life, wanting to focus on my family, but I feel like I'm ready for just about anything a job could ask of me.  I have managed to maximize my studying and finish up Cooking, Cleanning, and Logic. I can now cook really healthy meals for any kids Zuri and I have.

I am also getting good at gardening so I can have fresh vegetables all the time. I've been working on my robots again too.  I feel like I'm getting pretty good.  So far I have silver badges in both gardening and robotics.  With the gold I have in sales I wonder if I should open up a farmers market after I graduate.  It would let me stay home with the kids while also making some money.

I have managed to get the title of Big Man on Campus, which is pretty cool since I didn't start here knowing that many people.  I have been making good friends with the other kids my age that live back in Breeze Point, even becoming best friends with Kofi Yerazig.  He's a pretty cool guy. His girlfriend, Meadow, is in classes with me, as she is also still not sure what to study.

I have seen a lot more of Zuri again, she seems really interested in getting back home, I don't know that I'm ready to go back there yet.  Luckily we've got another couple of years.  She also asked about a garden and I assured her we would have room for one at home.  At the end of sophomore year I was told I had to pick a major since I'd taken all the basic classes and was told I would be put into Philosophy automatically, but I could change it.  I haven't decided if I want to change yet.




It's hard to believe I am done with college.  Jane and I are buying a plot of land back in Breeze Point.  It's hard to believe we managed to survive all of college.  I managed to ace all of my classes again, Exploiting the environment for fun and profit and Senior Project Internship: Coffeemaking at Landgraab Enterprises. It was good to get a look inside Langraab.  That family has money, and it is nothing like Breeze Point's small businesses. But back to what happened.  I did a lot of studying, writing term papers, general school work.

I continued to work on both my fishing and toy making when I had time.  I started feeling like I had more and more time, even though classes were harder, I was beginning to feel like I was more prepared. I got a nature plaque, for apparently all the time I've spent in the garden and fishing. I also now have a silver badge in fishing and toy making.  I'm not sure what I will do with all the toys I've made, probably just give them out of my friends as they start to have kids, but I guess we'll see what happens.

I did take all the guys on a hike but it didn't end too great.  We ended up getting chased by bees the whole way home.

Before I graduated I started learning sewing. With Jane wanting to be a hall of famer and me trying to be a rock god, I figured the ability to sew my own outfits early on might help us out.  I'm excited to get started.

The graduation was a lot of fun.  Had a party and enjoyed talking with the family and friends that were able to be there. I was even able to get closer to Kirabo's husband.  I've known him for years, but never really had the change to get to know him really well.  It was a wonderful party, I took a final picture, with Meadow, one of my best friends in college, and headed back to Breeze Point.  So long college!




I'm still not much for writting but decided to make a quick update here to go over my final year of college before moving back to Breeze Point with Enu. I have been doing a lot more in garden again.  Zuri and I got closer while going the garden work. It was nice to have another girl in the house and she became a good friend.

We still had a lot of parties, which was alway fun. I did become a big sim on campus, having all the new students from Breeze Point helped a lot. Still, having the toga parties gave us a lot of time to have fun with all the different kids from the university.

To finish up my senior year I had to write more papers, but I am going to get a 4.0, since I passed The One-Sim Show: Drama for those who don't play well with others and Characterization: Becoming someone more interesting than you with flying colors. The papers had gotten harder, but it didn't seem too bad anymore.

I have also gotten a plaque for Music and Dance enthusiam, and I am even a little glowy when I do things dance related now. I've gotten a couple of silver badges as well, one in gardening and one in Robotics. Beyond that, with all of the studying that I have been doing latey I have managed to max my Charisma, Body, and Cleaning.  I believe that should have me ready for being a hall of famer, I just have to get on a team now.


It took quite awhile, but I finally became friends with Heidi.  She is one of the newer students, and while she didn't come from Breeze Point, she is like me and will probably move there with her love, Clara.

However, those years are now ove and I am headed back to Breeze Point.  The party was a good time, I had fun talking with the friends who made it, and now I am back home with Enu.



Round 12: Peshterianu (2)

Peshterianu (2)
Entry 1

Rachelle Peshterianu - Female YA - Pleasure - Taurus - LTW: Have 50 1st Dates - Major: Physics


Arman_Peshterianu Family_ Round 12.JPG

This family tree is literally the same as the one we just had last house.  Rachelle is the twin sister to Cristiano, who we saw marry Opal Raymond last house.  She has one other brother, Lucio, and then 3 sisters who were born before the challenge started and were founding toddlers and a child.  They are Bianca (Chen), Adona (Platz), and Allegra (Livingston) and have their own families.  Rachelle is the last daughter to get married, and you may remember we saw Trent and Daniella (her parents) pass away this round on the same day.


Last Round: The last time we saw Rachelle was when she was in college.  She got through her initial LTW to get 50 1st dates before the end of university and decided she wanted to be a gamer. After finishing her dates she met and started dating Curtis Stalkamp, whom we just saw in the university update trying to get through the rest of his time in uni. He will graduate before the end of this round and move in with Rachelle then. Rachelle made it into the Secret Society, became BSOC, got into the greek house Tri-Point, and graduated with honors with a Physics degree. She was not a huge fan of her friend Enu's girlfriend Jane, and she was not excited about becoming an adult.



I suppose I should probably write and catch up on everything that is going on in life. *giggle* Not that a whole lot has changed, but some cool things happened and I think I should jot them down before I forget they happened, or decide it was all a dream or whatever. So for starters, I totally moved into the other half of this duplex that Cris and Opal moved into.  They knew I was going to do it, so it's not like it was a surprise or anything, but it's pretty cool to have them just next door, and there is this great bar area out in the back that will just be great for throwing parties and stuff.  So anyway, when I got home I decided it was time for a change to my hair.  First, it had all turned back to its natural color right at the end of college and so I cut it all short so that I could work with it later, then I went in and got some extensions put in and had them dye it a different color.  I really like it!

Anyway, so now that I have this house and eveyrthing I guess I have to take care of things, although the landlord does comes over pretty frequently and takes care of anything that is broken, but I still have to take care of the fish and the garden and stuff, although I guess I have seen the landlord water my plants, but I'm not entirely sure why, but whatever. *giggle* There is this big fishtank that came with the house and so I got some fish, I mean, why not it's just going to sit there otherwise, and I make sure to clean it and feed them.  It's kind of boring but whatever. *giggle*

Anyway, I guess Curtis was missing me while I was here and he was in college still, I mean I miss hime too, but I suppose that is what happens.  Anyway, so he invited me and a bunch of ther people to head down to Ling's and go hangout for a bit with an outing, and he managed to get all kinds of people to come.  It was kind of crazy, but it was pretty cool, and I got to see a bunch of people I hadn't gotten to see in a while and so we just sat down and played some poker for a bit.

So yeah, while we were playing poker I was looking at Curtis and I was thinking about things and stuff and well I had already gone and gotten this ring and everything, and I know the guy usually asks the girl, but I wasn't sure I wanted to wait until Curtis asked me and so I just sort of decided to do it.  I asked him to marry me! *giggle*

I know I'm like totally crazy right!!!??? But I mean he said yes, so it couldn't have been all bad that I did it.  Anyway, so now we are engaged and that's really cool.  Being an adult doesn't actually seem that hard, I mean I have to take care of the fish and the garden and remember to pay bills and stuff, but really it isn't that bad.  I even found myself a job after a little bit and that was cool.  I guess I cook more now than I used it, but we have a ton of celebrity chefs around here and so there are so many shows to watch and learn all kinds of cooking ideas from, I'm even a pretty good cook, but I don't always want to clean up afterwards though.

So anyway, yeah, I got my job and that was pretty cool, and then I needed to get some more skills, because apparently I didn't get enough in college.  I mean, WHAT??? I did so much in college and it still wasn't enough, but yeah that's what they said, so I sat down with a boring old book to try and learn some skills. I can't wait until Curtis get home and we can start throwing epic parties again, I mean I could throw them now, but I figured I might as well try and get my job out of the way first or whatever. *giggle*

So yeah, anyway, life is pretty much like that now, which is kind of boring, but I guess it's ok.  I mean I pay the bills on time, I don't want to lose this sweet place, and I study my stupid skills, although I am almost done with them and I like playing games so I guess learning chess is ok, but still.  Anyway, yeah, I do those things, and I take care of my garden and I make myself food at night and that is just sort of how life carries on until my Curtis is here with me.  Life is actually getting really borning...I need to do something super fun soon.

I guess there are so good things to have come out of all that work, I mean it was a lot of work, I'm telling you, and I wasn't having nearly as much fun as I would have liked.  I guess that's part of being an adult too, but whatever, it's how it goes I guess. So yeah, but what was I saying, oh yeah, the good things that came out of that, so yeah, I manged to max out my logic, which was pretty cool and worked seemed pretty happy with the fact I had done that, I guess it's good for games, and then I also got a gold gardening badge, so all that time I watch Cris in the garden at uni, and I helped too, really paid off.  So I guess those are petty cool things.

You know I miss mom and I got some money from her and stuff, but some days I miss her, and dad too, it's not like I don't miss him, but it's sort of strange that they are gone and didn't get to see me get married, but anyway, I really wanted to make her soup recipe one night, or at least try to make it, I didn't know if I was a good enough chef yet, but anyway I had to call up Lucio and see if he could find it for me since he's still living in our house, but anyway, he said he would look and get back to me about it.

For something fun, after the weekend was here I decided to go to the lake.  I remember doing that a lot as a little girl, and we used to have a lot of fun, I think Cris and Opal were on their honeymoon that week or something, but anyway, I went and this guy kept bugging me and I felt like he was really getting persistent so I just hung out for a while and the left. I don't know what that guy's problem was. Before he showed up though, it was a super fun day, and I watched a bunch of people playing kicky ball, and they were mostly elders, I guess even they can still like to have fun, and I hope I'm that type of elder when I grow up because I don't ever want to stop having fun. *giggle*

Anyway, this really cool thing happened to me though too, and I got myself to the top of the gamer career, that's right I'm a game designer and I will make call kinds of super fun games.  I really wouldn't mind going back to dating now, but not with a bunch of people, I want to have 50 dream dates with my dreamy Curtis, I mean he still makes me melt, and I know that he probably wouldn't turn me down or anything, because I mean, yeah, duh, but anyway, that will all have to wait until he graduates, which should be happening soon and I really can't wait to have him home with me, this house is really quiet and pretty boring without him, I actually hang out by the bar hoping Cris and Opal will come hang out with me more, but whatever.

I'm sure the next time I am writing I will be Mrs. Stalhkamp and that will be pretty cool, or maybe I'll just keep Peshterianu, that would be cool too, I wonder which one is easier to write *giggle* I might go with whatever that one is, why couldn't I find a guy named Jones or something, that would be way simpler to write, oh well, anyway, I guess I better go weed the garden....BORING!!!


Word Count: 1675
Picture Count: 23
Total Updates: 8
Total Words: 16,690 | GOAL: 16,000 ***MET***
Total Pictures: 377 | GOAL: 360 ***MET***

I am so excited to see that I met my updated and extended goals.  The university update really helped and so did this post by Rachelle, who is a talker for sure. I hope you guys have enjoyed having all of the updates for SimNaNo, and while all I have left is university this round I think I might take a small break before going back to it to play around with some other things.  I have started some Sims 3 and Sims 4 blogs (or I will be soon with 4) and I have them posted over on a wordpress site here if you want to check them out.  Hope you enjoyed, and if you ever want to participate we would love to have you over at the community.  They are a ton of fun!

Round 12: Peshterianu

Entry 1

Cristiano Peshterianu - Male YA - Fortune - Scorpio - LTW: Become City Planner - Major: Math
Opal Raymond - Female YA - Fortune -  - LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind - Major: Literature


Opal is a townie and therefore doesn't have a family tree to show, but Cristiano is part of the large Armam/Peshterianu clan.  This is a founding family that started with Daniella and her 3 daughters, Bianca, Adona, and Allegra. She then married Trent Peshterianu and had Lucio, followed by twins Cristiano and Rachelle. The twins just moved back from university and this is Cristiano's house. He is slated to marry Opal, who moved back with him. There are currently 12 nieces and nephews for Cristiano and Opal between all his siblings.

Last Time: We last saw these two in university where Rachelle kept us up to date with all the happenings. Both became BCOM, a part of the secret society as well as the Greek House, and both managed to graduate with 4.0 honors. Cristiano spent time with Opal, in the garden, and fixing things around the greek house.


So I graduated college.  That was good.  I moved with Opal to this townhouse.  'Chelle has the other side.

It's pretty nice.  Came with stuff in it already, like a fish tank. We also have a sauna, so that's cool.

Been drinking a lot of juice.  I came home with lots of produce from uni.  We grew it ourselves there.  There is a garden out back here too.

I got a job.  Then I got demoted because I decided not to hire someone with good qualifications.

Things with Opal are good.  I love her. It's nice to have our own place. I asked her to marry me. She said yes.

We got married at this wedding place. It was nice. Opal was very pretty.

Then we went on a honeymoon.  That was fun. We went somewhere tropical. I checked us in, then we went to the beach.

I enjoyed sitting in the hot springs the most I think.

Although then we played on a pirate ship and that was a lot of fun.

We even met the pirate captain's ghost!

We took a lot of tours.  I felt like I gained all the logic knowledge I will ever need just from those. (A/N: The blue is me JUST missing his "max logic skill" icon. Whoops)

Then we came home, and I got promoted again. This time I hired the guy who had good qualifications.  I got fined. I sat and talked to 'Chelle about it. I also talked to Opal. It was stupid.

Opal and I talked about kids. I don't think I want very many if we have them. We are on the same page with that one. I do love her a lot though.

Ummm....that's it I guess.



I have moved to Breeze Point to be with Cristi. We picked out this really nice place to live. It's basically a duplex and we share the other 1/2 with Cristi's twin, Rachelle. I decided it was time for a change in my looks when we moved back so I went and picked out some new clothes and changed my look.

The place came furnished, which was very nice.  It included a piano, which I love to play. We picked up a chess table to put out on the balcony. It's nice to play out there most days.

I talk to Christi about everything.  Moving away from all my previous best friends, my troubles in finding a job, which I finally did, and just life in general. He is a great listener.

I think I initially startled him when I came home from work with a friend and I hadn't changed out of my uniform yet. I know it might seem strange to get involved in a criminal enterprise, but they have great benefits....and cookies every Friday.

I had to learn physiology and get myself more in shape. So we took one of the bedrooms and turned it into a workout room.

Cristi had also finally asked me to marry him. Apparently, people usually get married at home, but I wanted to use this little wedding facility right on the edge of town. It was a beautiful day for a wedding and there were fountains. I was so excited when we visited.

The big day came and we stood under the beautiful arch and said our vows.  There were so many people from Cristi's family there, and many of our friends. It's was a beautiful day.

After the ceremony, we headed off to our honeymoon on the island.  Everyone was there to see us off as we got in the shuttle.

When we arrived at the hotel I noticed a maid sneaking in.  I think she must have been late for work or something.  It was kind of funny to see.

It was a wonderful honeymoon filled in all kinds of relaxing activities.  We swam in the ocean, made sandcastles, combed the beach for treasures to bring home, learned hot stone massages, went on some tours around the island, soaked in the hot springs.  It was wonderful.

We even found a pirate ship to explore. A lot of people go there, but we found maps, doubloons, and even a pirate captain that taught us his old sea chanty. It was such a lovely honeymoon.

Before we left one night there was a huge fight that happened between a local and a tourist.  I'm not sure what it was about, but it was quite the battle.

I almost hated to go home after such a relaxing trip. Cristi and I had so much fun.

Life pretty much went back to normal after that. I worked on skills I needed for work and so did Cristi. We had quiet dinners at home, made from our own grown vegetables, which had started coming in. Life is good.

I suppose our life might seem a little boring to some, but we couldn't be happier.



Word Count: 976
Picture Count: 45
Total Updates: 7
Total Words: 15,015 | GOAL: 16,000
Total Pictures: 354 | GOAL: 360

College Round 9 (Part 2)

Sim State University
Sim State Dormitory

Zuri Rauscher - Female YA - Popularity - Libra - LTW: Become Celebrity Chef - Major: Art
Kofi Yerazig - Male YA - Knowledge - Sagittarius - LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind - Major: Mathematics
Meadow Thayer - Female YA - Family - Aquarius - LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren - Major: Undecided
Alvin Kimon - Male YA - Family - Aries - LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College - Major: Undecided
Clara Platz - Female YA - Fortune - Aries - LTW: Become Hall of Famer - Major: Biology
Heidi Downie - Female YA - Popularity - Popularity - LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Major: Political Science


Last Time: We heard from Zuri, Kofi, Meadow, and Alvin about how life was going in their dorm and lives so far.  All 4 of them made it into the Greek House Tri-Point, who we will join a little later in this update. So far they are all carrying a 4.0 and are working their way to being in the SS and BSOC. Zuri and Alvin are together and while Alvin is almost afraid of his moms' supernatural gifts, Zuri finds them interesting and whats to date Alvin to get closer to them and get Alvin turned into either a witch, vampire, or both (both are her turn-ons.) Meadow and Kofi are also a couple and very much in love with each other.

I'm Clara,

And oh my gosh I have so much to fill you in on.  There is always so much going on.  I thought there was a lot going on in my home, but at college, it seems like there is even more going on, like all the time. Ok, so anyway, I'll start at the
beginning. So I just finished high school early, it was easy anyway, and mom needed the room for the rest of the kids.  She's such an amazing mom, and I miss her.  I have to remember to call her and dad when I get done with this.  Anyway, right, the beginning.  So when I cam to Sim State I wasn't sure I would really know anyone because I graduated early and didn't really know most of the seniors that well. When I got here though I discovered my friend Heidi Downie was here and I thought she was cute back in high school.  Turns out she felt the same way about me and now we are in the same dorms which is really exciting. Anyway, I pretty quickly went down and got myself a bit of a makeover because I wanted a new look that wasn't like I was a little kid anymore.  I thought it looked ok, but Heidi really seemed to like it.  That made me like it even more!

Then I got to know the other students who were in school back in Breeze Point to.  Some of them I recognized from private school, who were a couple of years behind me.  Zuri Yerazig is pretty nice and I remember seeing her in the halls back at home.  She always seemed to be nice and willing to talk to people so I'm not really sure why I never got to know her.  I probably never had a class with her, actually, I don't think I did.  She was way more into art and stuff in school. So now I have the chance to get to know her and she is just as nice as I expected her to be. She is also really pretty, but she is not into girls so it's a good thing I have Heidi.

Then I wanted to make sure that I got into the Greek House.  Mom told me I should be able to get in without too many issues.  I didn't know my aunt Rachelle really well, but I had met her, and she told me how to get in good with Curtis, who is one of the members.  Luckily Zuri is the sister of Enu, one of the other members and she gave me a lot of pointers too.  It turns out Curtis and Enu were both really nice.  Jane is also cool, she is dating Enu.  Although apparently, they had a bit of a falling out recently and she was still kind of mad at him.  She told me to keep an eye out for the cow mascot and if he ever came around to make him go away.  So far I don't think I've seen any sort of cow, I hope she doesn't mean the Llama because he is here all the time, but I've never seen him cause problems. Anyway, I made it into the Greek House Tri-Point without any sort of problem with everyone's help.

Crazy things happen around this college, and I wonder if it's just here or everywhere. We have dance sessions just about anywhere.  The other day we had a hula party in the bathroom.  it was a lot of fun, but it also seemed kind of weird at the time.  Also, coach comes in and tells me to work out all the time.  I know I wanted to be a hall of famer and got into sports, but he just walks into the dorms and is always telling me I need to work out more.  It's like, come on, I'm doing my best and I still have school work to do.  It's not like I can work out all the time.

Having Heidi around is great and when I can escape coach wanting me to work out all the time I make sure to spend some time with her.  We are getting closer and closer and she even gave me my first kiss.  I was so nervous when she leaned in for a kiss.  I had never kissed anyone before and I wasn't sure if I would do it right.  What would happen if I miss her lips, although what would it feel like, having someone's lips on mine?  Well, I took a deep breath and gave it a shot and her lips were so soft and smooth.  I couldn't believe I had never kissed anyone but mom and dad before. It was great, and after that, I felt like I was on cloud nine.  Seriously there is nothing like it.  I highly recommend kissing someone!

I promise mom, if you end up reading this like you did my other diary entries, that I am doing school work too.  In fact, I learned about physiology and have taken up flower arranging just for fun.  I have also played chess, and worked out, obviously, even without the coach. It's really been a lot of fun to learn all of this and everyone always seems to think it's interesting I'm learning it all so fast.  I know I'm a little young, but you can't tell me Lab Techniques 1: Poking at things with tweezers and Beginning Dissection: Why the frog hates you are hard classes.  I mean maybe they are to some, I don't know, but I don't find them hard.  Plus, I get to do experiments and that is super fun.  I decided one of my lab projects would be about flowers, which helped me with the flower arranging.  So you see, mom, I am doing school work.  I promise you don't have to worry about me, although I do miss you and my siblings a lot.


I was talking to this blonde girl, not Meadow, but another girl who lives here about family and realized, why didn't I just invite some of my family over.  I decided to invite over the twins, they were going to be the next to come here anyway, and I wanted them to meet Heidi.  I was kind of nervous about what they would think about her.  I know they had met her before, but that was when she was my friend who I thought was kind of cute.  I had never brought a girl home like that before.  I know that Lazzaro is into guys so I didn't think it was going to be a big deal, but you want your siblings to like your future spouse right?  I know I haven't made it official with Heidi but I really do feel like she's the one I'm going to be with for forever.  Mom met dad in college and look at how well they are doing.  So anyway, I asked Pascal and Lazzaro to come visit and they agreed right away.  It was a lot of fun to see them and hang out again.  We aren't that different in age, but I know they aren't as interested in school as I was.

They liked Heidi a lot and told me they were happy I found someone.  I told them not to tell mom yet I would call and talk to her about it, and to dad.  I don't think he'll mind either as long as I marry someone.  Dad is funny like that.  Anyway, I talked with Zuri about it some and she totally understood.  She said her mom is pushing for her to get married as quickly as possible too because she wants to marry off 6 kids just like my dad does.  No wonder there are so many of us kids around town. I think they are all crazy for wanting that many kids.  I mean I'm ok with having a kid someday but 6 of them?  That's crazy.  I know Alvin wants to have 3 kids, and Zuri said she doesn't mind the idea.  There are enough people in her family, and Kofi's girlfriend wants 6 grandkids.  The small town I grew up in, which, from what mom said, was even smaller when she moved there as a little girl, won't be small that much longer if people keep this up.  I'm glad Heidi doesn't have any specific kid wants. She just wants to be friends with everyone, and you know what, that works out great for an aspiring sports star like me.

Well, I suppose that is about it for now.  I'm sure I've got a bunch more to talk about, but I also really need to go call, mom and dad, before it gets too late.  Mom goes to bed as early as she can anymore because Savio wakes her up in the middle of the night.



I suppose I can write down some stuff about college.  Turns out this girl I thought was pretty cute in high school is here also,  She's a few years younger than me so I was surprised by that, but she said she graduated early. That makes sense, she was always really smart.  Turns out she likes me, and I like her so we are now together.

I decided to cut my pigtails off and just have short hair, it fits me more now I think. I've met a lot of new people since I got her.  There were some kids with jackets, and Clara told me those are members of a secret society on campus.  Her aunt Rachelle told her about them I guess.

I did get myself into the greek house Tri-Point.  I wanted to get into a greek house and Clara told me it would be really easy to get into Tri-Points.  I also would meet more people from her old neighborhood.  I know she wants us to stay together, I do too, so it is probably good to meet those people.

So much of the rest of the time was spent learning.  I decided pretty quickly, even though I just want a lot of friends out of life, that I wanted to study Policial Science.  I don't actually want to go into Politics, but I want to understand how they work.  So between taking The Soapbox and You and Feudalism: Serf's Up! and doing the school work, studying and trying to make more friends, I didn't feel like I always had a lot of extra time.


Greek House Tri-Point
Curtis Stallkamp - Male YA - Popularity - Aries - LTW: Become Celebrity Chef - Major:  Philosophy
Enu Rauscher - Male YA - Popularity - Aries - LTW: Become Rock God - Major: Economics
Jane Ngai - Female YA - Popularity - Leo - LTW: Become Hall of Famer - Major: Drama


Almost through college now.  So is Jane.  She was still a little mad at me about the cow coming onto me.  I didn't accept it, but I guess there is no use fighting it.  She is mad and I'll just grovel.  I spent a lot of time in the garden
instead and got myself a gold badge.

I'm still making a lot of friends, we also invited all the new initiates over to let them see the house and garden and give them the info on how to keep this place going. Two of them are going to move in soon, I think we are going to start with my sister Zuri and her boyfriend Alvin.  They seem like a good couple.

I've taken up toy making, or I'm trying.  I have gotten a bronze badge in it so far.  It's not always easy to fit it into everything else.

I'm also getting more into fishing.  It's nice we have the pond right here on the property.



I haven't ever been one for writing much, but sometimes it's easier to write things down I guess.  I'm Jane Nagai.  I love Enu Rauscher, although I was a little mad at him for a while.  I'm over that, I know it was the cow.  Now, every time I see that cow I tell him to go away! Anyway, I guess you could say I'm the
studious type.  I do feel like I spend a lot of time studying at least.

I have also learned about physiology.  It should help me tone up better.  After all, I want to be good enough to get into the hall of fame someday.

I still spend a lot of time making friends, and I try to spend a decent amount of time with Enu.  He's a good man.

Between all the classes in Moving Pretentiously: A modern dance workshop and Stage combat without killing your peers I have been working on my robotics and Enu has gotten me into fishing with him more.  I also have to keep my body up.  That modern dance class was no joke.

I am going to get myself a 4.0 in school though, even though I hate writing papers.  I do enjoy using the computer to blog about dance though.  That is always fun.



I have gotten many friends since I came to college here.  Not just with my greek house mates but with others too.

I have spent much time in the garden and have even gotten a gold badge. I have drank a lot of juice since coming here and it is always good.

I also feel like I study and study and study. It is never ending!  I guess that is what happens when you take Philosophy's Place in the Neighborhood: Anywhere? and Existentialism: Depressing Yourself on Purpose.

I didn't like depressing myself so I called my beautiful Rachelle over.  She is stunning and I am ready to marry her.

Then it was back to paper writing. We also invited Zuri and Alvin to move into the house.  Once I move out they will invite some of the others.  The house will be full again, and I will be back with Rachelle.



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College Round 9 (Part 1)

Sim State University
Sim State Dormitory

Zuri Rauscher - Female YA - Popularity - Libra - LTW: Become Celebrity Chef - Major: Art
Kofi Yerazig - Male YA - Knowledge - Sagittarius - LTW: Become Criminal Mastermind - Major: Mathematics
Meadow Thayer - Female YA - Family - Aquarius - LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren - Major: Undecided
Alvin Kimon - Male YA - Family - Aries - LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College - Major: Undecided
Clara Platz - Female YA - Fortune - Aries - LTW: Become Hall of Famer - Major: Biology
Heidi Downie - Female YA - Popularity - Popularity - LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Best Friends - Major: Political Science


Students in this dorm (missing Heidi):

Last Entry: Rachelle gave a wordy account of what was happening in the Greek House. Enu and Jane moved into the Greek House with Cristiano, Rachelle, Opal, and Curtis. The later four graduated with honors. The house was renovated and the kids all got into the SS. Parties were had, the cow caused issues between Jane and Enu. The students moving in were all last seen during the round back in the hood.  Kofi was dating Meadow, moving from the Yerazig/Rauscher house.  Zuri also came from that house and it was decided she and Alvin Kimon were likely to be a good match.  Alvin Kimon came from the second Kimon house, where Hua-Ling and Arcadia had adopted him.  His moms became a witch and vampire respectively.  Clara Platz graduated high school early and came to uni after her mom was attempting to get enough kids to reach her husband, Chandler's LTW of marrying 6 kids. Her best friend Heidi Downie (not pictures above) came with her, and Clara likes Heidi.


My Diary,

I get so lazy in writing in you.  You are going to be my third entry ever.  I have made it to college.  Got here and got a small make-over, also Alvin is here.  His family seems to be really drawn to the supernatural elements around town (AN: Zuri is turned on by vampires and witches, which makes Alvin the perfect candidate for her to think to go to).  One of his moms is a witch and one is a vampire.  I am really interested in both, so I think, he's cute enough and I know he had a big crush on me back home, and we were actually going steady at one point....maybe he'll be interested in being like one of his moms. Although, I know he was a little scared of Hua-Ling when she became a witch back then. I might be able to convince him, he seemed pretty open to my advances. 

Let's see Kofi is here, of course, and he brought Meadow with him.  Then there is this really smart girl, Clara, who is also from our town.  She's like 3 or 4 years younger than me and already graduated high school.  The girl is super smart, and I've seen her around town but never really talked to her much before now. Anyway, she likes girls and brought Heidi Downing with her. The dorm is actually pretty full and it seems there are always people around doing homework or eating food. It's sort of like being at home.

I knew, right away, I should get myself into the Greek House.  My brother Enu and his girlfriend Jane are 2 of the members still in school, and then Clara's aunt's fiance I think she said, it also there.  It's the unofficial town greek house on campus.  My mom and aunt and the group of people she went to school with started it, and all the kids from back home have gotten in since then.  So I called up Greek House Tri-Point, and it wasn't exactly hard to get in since it was family.

The rest of the year sort of went by in a blur of school work, studying, going to class, and generally trying to keep myself alive.  I barely even saw Alvin, which isn't going to do if I want to become part of the family. I really should seek him out a bit more, but I've been learning a lot.

Somewhere I found the time to try out a few hobbies.  I'm honestly not sure how I fit them in between my studio work and my classes; Stick Figures: Lowering the bar and Life Drawing: An excuse to see naked people.  Oh, I guess I didn't mention it early, but I majored in Art.  They don't have Culinary classes here, but since I want to be a celebrity chef I figure I want to make my dishes look like work of art so it works. I'm not entirely sure how stick figures will really help me, but they are just my freshman classes. So I tried my hand at some toy making.  Luckily I was able to use that for some studio credit, and then I helped take care of the fruit tree in the side yard.


There is a really comfortable hammock over by the tree.  It's great cause it's in the shade so it doesn't get too warm, and it's super comfortable.  It's a great place to laze around for a bit, when I have a few extra minutes, and hide from schoolwork.  Come to think of it, I think it might be good for hiding from everything because I haven't seen Alvin in awhile.  I should go find him.


Hi, I'm Alvin!

College life is great.  No coffins around with people rising out of them, no witches cackling or casting spells around, and Zuri is here. I hadn't seen her in a while, life our senior year of high school just go so crazy.  Still, it's good to have her around and we have mostly picked up where we did.  She asked a lot about Mama Ling and Mama Dia though.  She always seemed interested in how things were going at home, but I'm here now with her. Anyway, I got myself a make-over, I was tired of my boyish looks.

There was this big fight in the cafeteria one afternoon.  This cow mascot, which...why does he wander around anyway?  Anyway, the cow mascot and the cheerleader got into it.  I was there, and so was Zuri, and then another girl from our general party of the world, Heidi.  She didn't seem to notice what was going on right behind her though.  Anyway, it was a pretty epic fight.

I'm still trying to decide what I want to study in school, I don't really have a career interest to go off of like Zuri does.  So I'm just trying some different things.  I studied, I tried out my hand at robot making.  I remember when Mama Dia gave me the robot she made as a kid.  I really enjoyed that toy. So, for now, I'm just taking general classes like The World: A survey of everything that ever happened and Academic Argument: Beyond "did not, did too." It's got a lot to study though.

I managed to get myself into the greek house Tri-Point as well. With a little help from Zuri I knew just what to talk to her brother about. I'm making quite a few friends now too.  With how busy we are it feels like I barely get to see Zuri, but I know she's around here and anytime I do see her she always seems really happy to see me and always wants to talk about the future. I keep trying to warn her that my house can get totally crazy and she always says she understands. Well, time for class again.



I'm so glad I got to spend more time with you before I came to university.  I know I wasn't your top priority and I have missed you, but I think I get it.  I used to wish you had shown up for birthdays but I've heard rumors around town about what happens and maybe it was better for mom to not have you there.  I'm in college now and have the girl I'm pretty sure I'm going to marry with me.  Meadow is such a joy to be around and I love that girl so much.

I've tried to try out different things while studying here since there are so many things to try.  I've given pottery a try and did ok.  Then there is the constant work for school and studying.  Remedial Addition: The Fingers and Toes Technique and P = NP and other Straightforward Proofs have really kept me on my toes. I've also taken up stargazing, and enjoy spending some of the cool evenings just looking through the telescope. I had just met all my alien cousins last time I visited you and it reminds me of what a fun visit we had. I hope you will come to my graduation.


Oh hello,

My name is Meadow and I am attending Sim State University.  I am meeting all kinds of people being in the dorms.  One of them, Heidi Downie, is very outgoing, started talking to me right away.  Then Angie came back and visited, and I knew her when I was younger.  It was a job to catch up with her.

I have left behind many friends, but have been able to make new best friends here at college. There are always people around to talk to, and I enjoy sharing meals with my dormmates.

The girls have all been very friendly to me, and I am getting to know and like Clara, Zuri, and Heidi a lot.  Even though we are so busy with studying, some nights we just get to enjoy a round of Majaong. I have not made any decisions on what to study.  What I want out of life is really just to have a big family, and they do not teach any sort of family planning here.

Then there is Kofi.  He is the man I will have my large family with.  He is courteous, kind, devoted, and wonderful. He also is very nice to look at. I believe he is the one to help me with my dreams.  He already has a large family and is willing to continue to have one. I am elated to have found him.


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