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[sticky post] Table of Contents

Round Twelve is in the process of being played now. It will have more updates soon, but if you can't wait there are more reading options for you. Please enjoy my second prosperity blog: Fellowship One (based on the fellowship families from the yahoo group), or the third one (yes, a gluten for punishment) Clovercrest to get all your sims prosperity reading desires fulfilled.  If all of that content isn't enough, or you are all caught up on those, you can also check out Megalahood (the megahood I play sort of prosperity style but in wishes style play.)

Setting up Breeze Point

Still Alive
Updated Coming Soon
Time Off
Coming Back

Meeting the Families
Meeting the families: Yerazig
Meeting the families: Marzena
Meeting the families: Kimon
Meeting the families: Arman
Meeting the families: Isleen

Round One
Round 1: Yerazig
Round 1: Marzena
Round 1: Kimon
Round 1: Arman
Round 1: Isleen

Round Two
Round 2: Yerazig
Round 2: Marzena
Round 2: Kimon
Round 2: Arman
Round 2: Isleen

Round Three
Round 3: Yerazig
Round 3: Marzena
Round 3: Kimon
Round 3: Arman
Round 3: Isleen

Round Four
Round 4: Yerazig
Round 4: Marzena
Round 4: Kimon
Round 4: Arman
Round 4: Isleen
College Round 1

Round Five
Round 5: Yerazig
Round 5: Marzena
Round 5: Kimon
Round 5: Arman
Round 5: Isleen
College Round 2 (Part 1)
College Round 2 (Part 2)

Round Six
Round 6: Yerazig
Round 6: Marzena
Round 6: Kimon
Round 6: Arman
Round 6: Isleen
Round 6: Kimon (2)
College Round 3 (Part 1)
College Round 3 (Part 2)
College Round 3 (Part 3)
College Round 3 (Part 4)
College Round 3 (Part 5)
College Round 3 (Part 6)

Round Seven
Round 7: Yerazig
Round 7: Marzena
Round 7: Kimon
Round 7: Arman
Round 7: Isleen
Round 7: Kimon (2)
Round 7: Arman (2)
Round 7: Platz
Round 7: Dai
College Round 4 (Part 1)
College Round 4 (Part 2)
College Round 4 (Part 3)
College Round 4 (Part 4)

Round Eight
Round 8: Yerazig
Round 8: Marzena
Round 8: Kimon
Round 8: Arman
Round 8: Isleen
Round 8: Kimon (2)
Round 8: Arman (2)
Round 8: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 8: Dai
Round 8: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 8: Marzena (2)
Round 8: Isleen (2)
Round 8: Isleen (3)
Round 8: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 5 (Part 1 and 2)
College Round 5 (Part 3)

Round Nine
Round 9: Yerazig
Round 9: Marzena
Round 9: Kimon
Round 9: Arman
Round 9: Isleen
Round 9: Kimon (2)
Round 9: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 9: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 9: Dai
Round 9: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 9: Marzena (2)
Round 9: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 9: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 9: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 6 (Part 1)
College Round 6 (Part 2)
End of Round 9

Round Ten
Round 10: Yerazig
Round 10: Marzena
Round 10: Kimon
Round 10: Arman
Round 10: Isleen
Round 10: Kimon (2)
Round 10: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 10: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 10: Dai
Round 10: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 10: Marzena (2)
Round 10: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 10: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 10: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 7 (Part 1)
College Round 7 (Part 2)
End of Round 10

Round Eleven
Round 11: Yerazig
Round 11: Marzena
Round 11: Kimon
Round 11: Arman
Round 11: Isleen
Round 11: Kimon (2)
Round 11: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 11: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 11: Dai
Round 11: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 11: Marzena (2)
Round 11: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 11: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 11: Livingston (Arman 4)
Round 11: Marzena (3)
College Round 8 (Part 1)
College Round 8 (Part 2)
End of Round 11

Round Twelve
Round 12: Yerazig
Round 12: Marzena
Round 12: Kimon
Round 12: Arman
Round 12: Isleen
Round 12: Kimon (2)
Round 12: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 12: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 12: Dai - Being played

Round 12: Platz (Arman 3)

Platz (Arman)
Entry 6

Chandler Platz - Male Adult - Family - Scorpio - LTW: Marry off 6 Children - Major: History
Adona Platz-Arman - Female Adult - Fortune - Leo - LTW: Become a Business Tycoon - Major: Economics
Clara Platz - Female Teen - Fortune - Aries - LTW: Beomce Hall of Famer
Lazzaro Platz - Male Teen - Knowledge - Leo - LTW: Become Prestigitator
Pascal Platz - Male Teen - Romance - Scorpio - LTW: Become Hall of Famer
Ravenna Platz - Female Child - Aries
Gemma Platz - Femail Toddler - Aries


Last Entry: The twins grew up into teens and decided what they wanted out of life.  The family added another little girl (sadly not twins) to the family named Gemma. Ravenna grew up into a child and the house was expanded up another floor to make rooom for all of the kids.


(Click image to see it bigger) The family tree is the same as for the Chen's last post.  Adona is a twin with Allegra, and Daniela brought them with her to Breeze Point as toddlers.  She is thought of as the younger of the twins in my mind, and currently has 6 neices and nephews. 5 of them from her full siblings, and one from her half-siblling Lucio.

Dear Diary,

It has been so long since I have written, but I still can barely keep up with the family.  I was so disappointment I didn't have twins when Gemma came along, one less pregnancy, but that is how it goes.  I know Chandler wants more than anything to see 6 children get married, but with Pascal wanting what he wants out of life I'm not sure he will get married.  So it would be great if we could have one more set of twins, but I don't know if I'll be able to have more kids soon. Gemma is a sweet little girl, and with all the kids more grown up I feel like I've been able to spend more time with her.

The twins get along so well, and Clara is certainly her own girl.  I worry about them, but seem like they are working hard to get what they want out of life.  I'm not sure I could ask for anything else.  Chandler just beems at all our kids and he has been a great father.

Chandler took on helping Ravenna with her homework.  All of the kids are in private school and Chandler has been great and helping them get started and make sure they can really be successful. He also was thrilled with Gemma's first word was "Dada."  I couldn't have asked for a better father for our kids, and while I don't think I would have had so many, they are all great kids, and I love them.

Dinner time around here is still pretty wild.  I do know what I would do if not for our butler.  He makes great food and has been an enromous help in keeping the house in order with all of these kids.  Goodness knows I am always so tired and never seem to be able to do enough.  I love my kids, but they can be pretty big handfuls, especailly with there being so many, and now they bring kids home from school with them, and I'm glad they had friends, but there is never a dull moment.

I felt bad, but Gemma grew up without a lot of fanfare.  I didn't have the energy for a party, and frankly we sort of spaced it was her birthday until a few days before.  I mean, I have 5 kids to watch after and my job is still important to me, so between the kids, and their events and Chandler's job and my job, and the rest of my family and all the things going on with them....it's a lot.  I can get overwhelmed!

Luckily, Gemma didn't mind.  Especially since it was almost her sister's birthday and with her becoming a teenager she didn't let us forget about throwing her a party.  So family and friends were invited over and my sweet Ravena became a teen.  All 3 girls look exactly alike, but they certainly are very different.

Ravenna Platz
Female Teen, Popularity
LTW: Become Media Magnate
Turns Ons: Jewlery and Black Hair
Turn Off: Custom Hair

It's so hard to believe I have 4 teenagers now, and my youngest in school.  Luckily all of our kids get along with each other really well.  Of course, I'm sure some of that is because we didn't always have time to do everything with all of them, so they got good at entertaining each other and themselves.  I was able to help Gemma with her homework, now that there were not toddlers in the house.

Apparently having no toddlers in the house also left more time than I realized for Chandler and I to be together because I got pregnant again.  I feel like I've spent the better part of my adult life pregnant, and while I am happy to have another child, for Chandler, I can't help but worry.  I am not young and pregnancies haven't always been easy on me.

As if I didn't have enough reasons to realize how much older Chandler and I are, or that time just continues ot march on, our dog Buster has also reached his gray years.  He's been a good dog, and well loved by all the children, even if he did have to come remind them to feed him sometimes.

Still, life moves on and the family grows and changes.  The older kids hung out a lot more with Gemma, and Lazzo seems to be building up a special connection with her.  She even came home with her first A+ report card. She was so happy and Chandler and I were so proud of her.  Clara even got a job and was promoted up to the highest levels she could be.

My Clara is so smart.  She graduated early and got early acceptance into college, so before any of us were probably ready she took her next steps into her life.  Chandler went to help make sure she got settled in.  I'm so proud of her.  She was my first and Chanlder and I were so worried about being parents, but she is amazing.

Our family continues to go to the lake on Saturday's, although late in my pregnancy I decided not to go and just let Chandler and the kids head out on their own.  With the kids getting older Chandler enjoys doing more grown up things, like playing Majaong with them.  He can also share more of the knowledge he has accumulated during our lives here

The pregnancy wasn't horrible this time, which was wonderful for me, but the contractions hit early one morning just as everyone was getting up.  I was down in the kitchen and gave birth to another boy.  We name is Savio and he is yet another black haired, green eyed baby.  Chandler was in love and while we were hoping to have twins one more time, and I know Chandler secretly wanted one other baby to have red hair like him, Savio is going to be the last baby I have.

Chandler and talked about possibly adopted another child, but time with well if we go that route.  I have enjoyed taking care of the kids overall, I just know I don't want to be pregnant anymore, nor do I think I can be.  Having Savio this late in life was a bit of a miracle and I'm so happy he is a healthy baby boy.  If we do adopt I don't think I want another baby, maybe someone older who we can love.  In the meantime, I hope Clara does well in college.  Lazzaro and Pascal are not too far behind her.  I know I've said over the years that I love my kids, but sometimes they drive me crazy, and that's true, but looking down at little Savio and seeing my older kids heading off to college I realize, I don't know what Chandler and I are going to do when they are all out of the house. I think Lazzaro will probably inherit the house so hopefully he will be able to fill it with as much joy as we have.