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[sticky post] Table of Contents

Round Thirteen is currently in the process of being played. While waiting for updates I have multiple other challenges going currently, and two on hiatus, that you can check out if you would like. First there is  Megalahood where we play the wishes style of play in The Sims 2. If you enjoy or are in the mood for something else I also have Hope in Dumsters, which is a Dumpster Diver challenge in Sims 3, as well as the DeLacy Wishacy, which is the wishacy challenge. Additionally I have EPIC Tripp, which is the Evolotion & Progress in Change challenge in Sims 4 that you can also check out, and have just started Latte Game, which is a name game challenge also in TS4. A new Sims 2 challenge is also now here, and is the Officially Wacky Booprop Challenge, the rules are over on boolproop.net if you are interesting in looking at them. Finally I have two other Sims 2 challenges that are currently on hiantus, Fellowship One (based on the fellowship families from the yahoo group), and Clovercrest which is another prosperity style neighborhood (just a little more lax with mods.) Finally a note to say if you are looking for a community of sims players across any and all of the games I highly suggest you check out boolprop.net.  It's a great, thriving community that is full of people who just love to share their stories and love for these games.

Setting up Breeze Point

Still Alive
Updated Coming Soon
Time Off
Coming Back
SimNaNo 2019

Meeting the Families
Meeting the families: Yerazig
Meeting the families: Marzena
Meeting the families: Kimon
Meeting the families: Arman
Meeting the families: Isleen

Round One
Round 1: Yerazig
Round 1: Marzena
Round 1: Kimon
Round 1: Arman
Round 1: Isleen

Round Two
Round 2: Yerazig
Round 2: Marzena
Round 2: Kimon
Round 2: Arman
Round 2: Isleen

Round Three
Round 3: Yerazig
Round 3: Marzena
Round 3: Kimon
Round 3: Arman
Round 3: Isleen

Round Four
Round 4: Yerazig
Round 4: Marzena
Round 4: Kimon
Round 4: Arman
Round 4: Isleen
College Round 1

Round Five
Round 5: Yerazig
Round 5: Marzena
Round 5: Kimon
Round 5: Arman
Round 5: Isleen
College Round 2 (Part 1)
College Round 2 (Part 2)

Round Six
Round 6: Yerazig
Round 6: Marzena
Round 6: Kimon
Round 6: Arman
Round 6: Isleen
Round 6: Kimon (2)
College Round 3 (Part 1)
College Round 3 (Part 2)
College Round 3 (Part 3)
College Round 3 (Part 4)
College Round 3 (Part 5)
College Round 3 (Part 6)

Round Seven
Round 7: Yerazig
Round 7: Marzena
Round 7: Kimon
Round 7: Arman
Round 7: Isleen
Round 7: Kimon (2)
Round 7: Arman (2)
Round 7: Platz
Round 7: Dai
College Round 4 (Part 1)
College Round 4 (Part 2)
College Round 4 (Part 3)
College Round 4 (Part 4)

Round Eight
Round 8: Yerazig
Round 8: Marzena
Round 8: Kimon
Round 8: Arman
Round 8: Isleen
Round 8: Kimon (2)
Round 8: Arman (2)
Round 8: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 8: Dai
Round 8: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 8: Marzena (2)
Round 8: Isleen (2)
Round 8: Isleen (3)
Round 8: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 5 (Part 1 and 2)
College Round 5 (Part 3)

Round Nine
Round 9: Yerazig
Round 9: Marzena
Round 9: Kimon
Round 9: Arman
Round 9: Isleen
Round 9: Kimon (2)
Round 9: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 9: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 9: Dai
Round 9: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 9: Marzena (2)
Round 9: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 9: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 9: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 6 (Part 1)
College Round 6 (Part 2)
End of Round 9

Round Ten
Round 10: Yerazig
Round 10: Marzena
Round 10: Kimon
Round 10: Arman
Round 10: Isleen
Round 10: Kimon (2)
Round 10: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 10: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 10: Dai
Round 10: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 10: Marzena (2)
Round 10: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 10: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 10: Livingston (Arman 4)
College Round 7 (Part 1)
College Round 7 (Part 2)
End of Round 10

Round Eleven
Round 11: Yerazig
Round 11: Marzena
Round 11: Kimon
Round 11: Arman
Round 11: Isleen
Round 11: Kimon (2)
Round 11: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 11: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 11: Dai
Round 11: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 11: Marzena (2)
Round 11: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 11: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 11: Livingston (Arman 4)
Round 11: Marzena (3)
College Round 8 (Part 1)
College Round 8 (Part 2)
End of Round 11

Round Twelve
Round 12: Yerazig
Round 12: Marzena
Round 12: Kimon
Round 12: Arman
Round 12: Isleen
Round 12: Kimon (2)
Round 12: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 12: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 12: Dai
Round 12: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 12: Marzena (2)
Round 12: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 12: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 12: Livingston (Arman 4)
Round 12: Marzena (3)
College Round 9 (Part 1)
College Round 9 (Part 2)
Round 12: Peshterianu
Round 12: Peshterianu (2)
College Round 9 (Part 3)
College Round 9 (Part 4)
End of Round 12

Round Thirteen
Round 13: Yerazig
Round 13: Marzena
Round 13: Kimon - Being played
Round 13: Arman
Round 13: Isleen
Round 13: Kimon (2)
Round 13: Chen (Arman 2)
Round 13: Platz (Arman 3)
Round 13: Dai
Round 13: Bar (Yerazig 2)
Round 13: Marzena (2)
Round 13: Alioto (Isleen 2)
Round 13: Couderc (Isleen 3)
Round 13: Livingston (Arman 4)
Round 13: Marzena (3)
College Round 10 (Part 1)
Round 13: Peshterianu
Round 13: Peshterianu (2)
Round 13: Rauscher
College Round 10 (Part 2)
End of Round 13

Round 13: Marzena

Entry 14

Ame - Male Adult - Fortune - Taurus - LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Ricky - Male Adult - Family - Libra - LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren
Adalard - Male Teen - Romance - Libra - LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Arabelle - Female Teen - Family - Pisces - LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College
Runa - Female Child - Sagittarius
Runi - Male Child - Capricorn


Last Round: There were a ton of birthdays, first Ricky's twins grew into toddlers, and then later in the round grow up in children.  Ame's twins grow into teens, and Ame and Ricky both grow into elders.  A single puppy was born and sent to the adoption pool, and the family studied, worked on hobbies, started building up a garden.


The family tree hasn't changed much since we were last with this family.  Kofi moved to college and is in love with Meadow, and Kagiso was borns to Ame and Ricky's adopted son Alvin and his wife Subira Rauscher. Denis' other son, Falkor, will be in college in another couple of rounds, as will the alien twins born to Ame, Adalard and Arabelle.


Hello there,

Time to conintues to march on and the kids keep getting older and older. The teens are working on their skills to get some scholarships for college, and meeting other teens, and starting to date.  The younger twins are just still being kids, playing and having fun with each other.  It's hard for me to believe they are all getting so much older already but it's amazing to see the all growing up so well. We are still working on homework and trying to teach the kids to take care of the garden too.


Arabelle, our sweet girl, wants kids all her own, and even though Ame and I tell her she has time she decided to ask the wishing well for love.  The well brought her someone she is quite smitten with in George. They are, apparently, going steady now and while Ame and I know we don't have much of a leg to stand on, we hope she isn't rushing.  Still, they seem happy together so far.


Adalard, our romance loving boy, has also started a bit of a relationship with Gina Isleen, Anneliese's daughter with Kiyoshi.  I guess it makes sense they would have something in common, since Gina's sister is the other alien living in town.  I hope he is being honest with her about what he wants.  He's not likely to settle down.


The twins have been brining more and more of our friends kids over.  I think we haved the Livingston twins, and Gisela's son Kurt.  The kids love to play with water ballons in the back yard all the time.


Our dog Foo has a couple of additional puppies, one is named Isaac and we decided to keep him, the other was sent off to the adoption pool for others to be able to adopt and love.  We also had a very sad day when Madison passed on.  She had always been a really good dog.


Adalard and Arabelle have apparently had good dates because the kids have started bringing them gifts.


Ricky and I now have quiet moments in the day to spend together, however, with the kids at school.  Ame, my love, is such a good father.  I love him so and our family.


We have even started spending more time on our own hobbies, and I have gotten back into toy making.  I hope to get a gold badge soon.


The kids are so good together, and I love how much time the older kids spend with their younger siblings.  It's nice that they all get along so well.


We had a horrible incident happen, however, in a burglar trying to rob us.  Luckily we had the alarm and the police showed up right away before anything was taken.  It did set off the kids a little bit and they all started handling it some in their own way.  We just trying to keep doing things with them as much as we can.


We then threw a huge double birthday party for Runi and Runa. I cannot beleive my babies are teenagers now. The party was a big success and each kid got to invite someone over.


So hard to believe they are all grown up.  I know they will successful in life. Runa was the first to blow out her candles, and she is a beautiful young woman.

Runa Marzena
Female Teen, Family
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Turn Ons: Cologne and Stink
Turn Off: Black hair

After that, Runi blew out his candles.  It is interesting how our kids ended up growing up very similarly.

Runi Marzena
Male Teen, Romance
LTW: Become Professional Party Guest
Turn Ons: Fitness and Glasses
Turn Off: Black hair

The girls continue to date, Arabelle dates George, and Runa tries her had at the wishing well, but doesn't get anyone she really really likes.  She was very sweet though, and went and got phones for herself and her brother.


With the kids all as teens now we are glad they still all get along and had a day where we invited all the rest of the family over.  It was a fun day and we are glad to have such a wonderfully close family.


So much has changed since I wrote last, and yet our family stays strong and I just hope our kids continue to grow and love each other and support each other as much as they can. Ame and I are so excited to see what they all do with their lives, and hope they will be as successful as Alvin.