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College Round 3 (Part 2)

Sim State University
Sim State Dormitory
Ekene Yerazig- Female YA - Pleasure - Leo - LTW: Become a Professional Party Guest - Major: Literature
Kirabo Yerazig - Female YA - Pleasure - Leo - LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef - Major: Art
Adona Arman - Female YA - Fortune - Leo - LTW: Become a Business Tycoon - Major: Economics
Allegra Arman - Female YA - Pleasure - Aries - LTW: Become a Game Designer - Major: Physics
Anneliese Isleen - Female YA - Popularity - Libra - LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef - Major: Philosophy
Gisela Isleen - Female YA - Popularity - Virgo - LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef
- Major: Philosophy

Hello Diary,

If I thought out house had been full before it's because I never lived in a dorm. There are so many people, and so much stuff going on all of the time. It's amazing anyone gets anything done when they are there. I ended up moving in a dorm with my twin sister and also with the other 2 sets of twin girls from Breeze Point, Ekene and Kirabo and Gisela and Anneliese. At some point I think I'm going to have to move out of this dorm and some where else. I love my sister, but we are so different from each other. Ekene and Kirabo have the same basic wants, and Gisela and Anneliese want exactly the same things out of life, but Allegra and I are really nothing alike. One thing is similar with almost all of us, we talk to our friends on our cell phones almost all the time.
Adona, Ekene and Kirabo on the phone

We each have quite a few friends. Ekene and Kirabo have even made the title Big Woman on Campus at school. I'm not quite there yet, I don't have a ton of friends, just a few close ones. I did go out any buy one little thing for myself the other day. I always kind of wanted an MP3 player, and now I have one. It's fun to just jam out to the music.

Adona rocking out to music

I do like to spend time with the others from Breeze Point in the dorm. We all at least have one thing in common, we're all twins. It's s special thing, even if Allegra and I are not as similar as the others. We crowd around the little TV in the upper common room of the dorm.

All the Tv's watching TV

During my freshman year something really incredible happened however. Well first off I managed to ace my classes. I'm studying Economics for business and had to take Why Money Ones Grow on Some Trees and Work Is for Losers: A Counterfeiting Workshop. That's sort of beside the point since one day, when I went to the park I met someone.

Chandler and Adona at the parkChandler and Adona kissing

His name is Chandler and I remember him from school a little bit. He was a couple of years older than me so I didn't hang out with him too much, but Bianca knew him pretty well. He is so sweet and completely unlike any of the other guys I have met on campus. The sophomore year brought much of the same, but right after the semester started again I was brought in the secret society.

The SS comes from AdonaAdona in the SS outfit

I've been hanging out more with other people from the dorms. We play a lot of games and spend so much time together that it's natural to start developing some friendships with them. Although I still spend most of my time with my friends from Breeze Point.

Adona and Allegra playing with a dormieAdona eating with dormies

I did manage to keep getting A's and aced my two sophomore year courses. I had to take Economic Forecasting: Guessing Never Hurt Anybody and Laissez-Faire and Other Lazy Policies. Chandler is in the Greek house so I am working on getting there.



Well there always something going on at college. It is a bit different from a full house though. I did meet a pretty cool guy right after I moved in. He and I have had quite a few dates since then.

Allegra and her date.Allegra and Trent?

I don't know if it's meant to last or not, but he's been a lot of fun to hang out with. One thing that I'm not sure I will ever get used to is the homework and term papers. All of us try to get them done right away but it's hard to sit down and do it all.

Allegra doing her term paper

One night this weird guy came into the dorm rooms and started talk to me all mean. I was so confused that I didn't know what to do. Then they took me to this big limo and drove me off somewhere. I wasn't sure what going on until we get there.

Allegra getting into the SSAllegra into the SS

I am now a part of the secret society on campus. I do spend a lot of time playing games at the dorm. We have a great table where we play a lot of Mah-Jong at and it's a lot of fun.

Allegra playing Mah-Jong

I did manage to ace all my freshman courses, thanks do those darn term papers. I'm studying Physics so I had Newtonian Physics 1: Measuring Falling Stuff, and then Newtonian Physics 2: Measuring Rolling Stuff. They weren't too bad, but I know the papers are going to keep getting harder. I also managed to get into the Greek house and aced all my sophomore year courses as well. I had to take Lasers: Ruining Your Eyesight and General Relativity: \pretending to Understand, and aced them as well. We'll see how bad the papers get from now on.



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Jun. 24th, 2009 11:54 am (UTC)
The look on Allegra's face when she gets kidnapped is just hilarious! :D

And I still love that you mention the classes they take, they are so much fun!
Apr. 25th, 2012 08:58 am (UTC)
I LOVE the faces they make. :) (I know this was like from 3 years ago, but just going back through comments. :))
Apr. 27th, 2012 06:28 am (UTC)
I still remember some of these comments :)
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