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College Round 4 (Part 3)

Sim State University
25 Peanut Street
Ryan Chen - Male YA - Romance - Taurus - LTW: WooHoo with 20 Different Sims - Major: Art
From Ryan,

It's been kind of lonely around here for that last couple of years. It's been just me in the house, but I have gotten a lot of things done. I managed to get A's in all of my classes and am now set for graduation. I'm excited to get home to my beautiful Bianca but she did come stay with me one weekend.

Bianca visits

She's been throwing up a lot, which makes me a little nervous, I hope that she is ok. (Editor's Note: Bianca has been throwing up a ton, which makes me think she's either sick or pregnant. I don't remember having her woohoo with anyone though so I guess we'll find out when I get back to her house). I did spend a lot of time studying and just relaxing.

StudyingRyan tries to cook

I did find an interesting way to get my papers written. I didn't realize how charming or influential I really was until I suggested this and it happened.
Prof doing the term paper
I know I couldn't believe it! My professor wrote my term paper for me! It was awesome. College was over pretty quickly, not much really happened other than that. When graduation came I was ready and very happy. Had a very small party and graduated with honors!

Ryan's Graduation Pic

Now it's back to join my Bianca in Breeze Point.