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College Round 4 (Part 4)

Sim State University
Greek House Tri-Point
Adona Arman - Female YA - Fortune - Leo - LTW: Become a Business Tycoon - Major: Economics
Anneliese Isleen - Female YA - Popularity - Libra - LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef - Major: Philosophy
Gisela Isleen - Female YA - Popularity - Virgo - LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef
- Major: Philosophy

Dear Diary,

College is finally over and I am ready to head back to Breeze Point and join my darling Chandler to start our life together. I accelerated through the last couple of years of school and graduated without much happening. I have left the Greek House in the capable hands of Anneliese and Gisela Isleen. They have moved in their boyfriends and will be able to enjoy all that the Greek House has to offer. I had a fun graduation party and invited all my family and friends over to celebrate with me.
Adona's Graduation Pic
People at the partyThe fun continues

I'm so glad to be done with school and to go home to my Chandler!


I am living at the Greek House now with Gisela, or I guess I should say I was. I've been here for two years now and it seems kind of weird to think that I am leaving. I sort of wish I was staying so I could spend more time with Kiyoshi, but I've got to get started on my life back home. Quite a few things have happened in the last couple of years. I have started to get into pottery and really enjoy spending hours at the wheel practicing.

Anneliese at the wheelAnneliese doing the wheel again

It's a lot of fun and I can stay at it for hours on end. Adona graduated soon after we moved in, so it was up to Gisela and I to keep up on the garden and such. We added some more landscaping but we aren't very good at keeping up on it yet. We really enjoy hosting parties, especially toga parties.

Toga party

They are a lot of fun. The other big thing that has happened, outside of graduating, was finding Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi is one of the mascots around here, the Lama, not the Cow. He moved in and we got closer until one night he asked me out to this little Cafe.

Anneliese and KiyoshiKiyoshi blows Anneliese a kiss
The ring is presentedExcitement

I was so excited when he asked I could hardly say yes fast enough. Right after the engagement though it was time for graduation. We threw a graduation party and now I'm headed home. I will miss my Kiyoshi.

Anneliese's Graduation PicThe party


Hi Diary,

These last two year have been a complete roller-coaster ride. I cannot believe everything that has happened. First, Liese and I moved into the Greek House, which is a lot of fun. Benjamin moved in as well, since he got inducted. Things started out so great and we were having so much fun.

Benjamin and Gisela

But THEN, this happened.


I have made my first enemy with the cow mascot. I also lost the fight with her. Now, I know it wasn't Benjamin's fault, I really do, but when I saw the cow make that move on him I was just SO upset! He came by and apologized to me, and I had to accept it because I've heard about those cows. (Editor's Note: That cow caused this same scene with these two about 3 or 4 times in the last two year Gisela was around. I started sending Anneliese to tell the cow to leave every time it came onto the lot so I wouldn't have to continue to repair their relationship).

Apology accepted

I got the shock of my life when I tried to repair the TV. I'm ok, but it was quite frightening. Benjamin and I play a lot of chess together, he really likes to play, and I enjoy spending time with him, and love games.

Playing chess
One night right before graduation Benjamin took me on a date. We got all dressed up and headed to the spot. We were enjoy some time together away from the house when Marylena, one of the girls who know lives in Breeze Point came up and started slapping him.

Caught cheating

We were able to salvage our date and then the completely unexpected happen, well unexpected for me. Benjamin got down on one knee and proposed to me. I said yes but he was worried that something was bothering me.

Benjamin and Gisela The engagement dance

He was right, but it wasn't anything big. It was that Marylena girl from earlier. I was kind of worried about her, so he sat me down and explained how, when she first came with Biyu and Franz and all of them to college he knew her and they dated for a little bit. Well she is a romancer and he didn't want anything much to do with her, but she couldn't stand losing any guy. I felt better after that and went home floating on a cloud. Well right after that was graduation and we had a nice party and I am headed back to Breeze Point. Benjamin will follow me later, he switched majors about 1/2 way through and needs to finish up.

Gisela's Graduation PicParty going on.



My love has graduated and left me here. I adore my Gisela and can't wait to finish up and go back to her. I am almost a little glad she's gone though, so she won't freak out if that stupid cow tries to make a pass on me. They don't get to have me, I have eyes for Gisela alone. I felt like I spend a lot of time apologizing to her.


I decided to switch my studies to Biology. I'm finding it hard to concentrate on classes now that Gisela is gone, but I"m sure I'll make it through. So far I've managed to get through Lad Techniques 1: Poking at Thinks with Tweezers, Beginning Dissection: Why the Frog Hates You, Enymes: Ase Up Your Life, and The Lysozome: Everybody's Favorite Trash-Eater. There really isn't much to tell, it's just Kiyoshi and I now. We'll probably moved in Patrick soon just to fill up the house.



I have found the love of my life here at Sim State. I live at the Greek House Tri-State now. I used to visit here a lot just to hang out with Anneliese. She is such a beautiful sweet lady. I've made it through almost 2 years of college here and feel so happy to have found her. Other then the engagement to my beautiful girl not much has happened.

Tosses the boxWearing the ring

I guess I did get into the Secret Society, which was a little shocking. They surprised me by coming for me while I was tending the garden.

At the society

I guess there really isn't anything else to say.




Sep. 16th, 2009 01:44 pm (UTC)
I hate the cow too
I hate cows they are always(well not always) messing up my marriage plans in the last year when I have everything arranged.
Apr. 25th, 2012 09:09 am (UTC)
Re: I hate the cow too
The cows are VERY annoying for sure!