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Round 8: Yerazig

Entry 9
Yerazig Family Portrait
Bruce - Male Adult - Fortune - Scorpio - LTW: Become a Business Tycoon
Akinyi Y- Female Adult - Family - Libra - LTW: Marry off 6 Children
Becca - Female Teen - Cancer (1st Gen 2) - LTW: Become the Law
Subira - Female Toddler - Aries
Enu - Male Baby - Aries

Last round: When we left this family Akinyi was getting ready to give birth and Becca had a birthday into teenager and Subira grew up first into a child and then into a teenager herself.

Editors Note: This round will be written in more of a story/informational type entry. This household was way to busy for anyone to write in their journals, and you will see why. I will switch back to the journal style later.

Akinyi went to the hospital and gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Enu. Editors Note: I did not get a picture of baby Enu...sorry. Ekene was moving home from college and it was time for the family to build a larger house. Luckily
they had managed to save up quite a bit of money so they hired some builders and had a brand new house built for the growing family. The house had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

Rauscher/Yerazig house
Once Ekene came home she decided to invite an old friend over for a date. It had been a little while since she had seem him and she couldn't wait to reconnect. She did have to leave and come back to the date to go to work. Ekene really wants to be a Professional Party Guest but since she could not find any work that way she joined the Criminal unit in Breeze Point. It was pretty small and they didn't do much other then petty theft but it made good money.

Denis and Ekene on a dateEkene and Denis
Becca decided to head off to college. She had been having a really rough year, ended up with a B+ in her last year of school, she just had some much trouble getting through her homework. She also, unfortunately, made a poor choice at work and ended up being demoted so she lost all but 2 of her scholarships. It was just time to take what she had and get out.

Subira got a job working in fast food, it was a long way from being a celebrity chef, but it was a start. The homework was beginning to pile up however, so one night she asked her mom for some assistance. Before she knew it she was understanding the information and got it all done.

Akinyi helping Subira
Ekene decided that she wanted to find another date. She called up the gypsy lady and provided her some money to come up with a date. She managed to find someone that Ekene just swooned for. Editors Note: The gypsy dropped a 3-bolter off, but it's another Romance sim. I don't know what it is with this girl but all the guys she was attracted to in college were as well. While she was one her date she found out why she wasn't feeling so great.

Gypsy brings a guySURPRISE!!

Yes, when Denis Marzena came over he got her pregnant. This wasn't exactly the way she had planned for all of this to happen, but she was going to be a mother. Shortly after this it was time for Enu's birthday. They threw a big party and brought Enu to the cake. He grew up to be such an adorable little boy.

Enu's birthdayEnu as a child

He looks quite a bit like his father with the brown eyes and reddish brown hair. While everyone was busy socializing Enu decided to go explore his toys. He found the teddy bear that sat by him and kept him company all during his baby years.

Enu and the bear

Akinyi couldn't believe how quickly everyone was growing up. Her daughter was pregnant, her son was growing up and a surprise was in store.

Akinyi is pregnant

Akinyi couldn't believe it! She never expected that she would have another child at her age. She had raised 5 kids as it was, but here was another little bundle of joy. She was overjoyed, she never dreamed her ultimate desire of seeing 6 kids get married could come true, but this little baby, this one could fulfill her dreams. Now if only she could get Ekene married. Bruce was happy as well, and commented on the fact they picked the right time to add on to the house. Akinyi couldn't have agreed more. The household was extremely busy. Bruce was going off to work each morning and would come home to find 2 very exhausted pregnant ladies, so they decided to hire a butler. They knew with a toddler and a couple of babies on the way they could really use the additional hands. Bruce spent time teaching Enu how to walk. Akinyi managed to get him potty trained, which helped her a lot. Ekene spent time helping him learn how to talk, and Subira taught him a nursery rhyme.

Teaching to walkLearning to talk

Late one night, or maybe it was really early one more, The household was awaken by sounds of a women screaming. Ekene had gone into labor. She gave birth to a little boy, and named him Kofi, which means born on a Friday (which he was). Editors Note: I am SOOOO glad she had a little boy. I moved Ekene back in because I needed an heir with the Yerazig last name. I had Denis get her pregnant because I want his genes spread around town...Ame isn't going to be doing it. So now I have a little boy Yerazig to inherit the house. While Ekene was getting settled with little Kofi Akinyi started screaming to. She also went into labor and gave birth to another little girl. Six kids and five of them girls. This little girl they named Zuri.
Kofi Yerazig
Kofi Yerazig
Male Baby

Zuris baby pic
Zuri Rauscher
Female Baby

Life from then on became a crazy mix of bottles, diapers, naps, skills, and work. Subira made it as high as she could go as an untrained teen at the place she worked and managed to keep up with her homework. Bruce has made it to CEO and has his sights set on that Business Tycoon title. Akinyi and Ekene just kept up as best they could with food, sleep, taking care of the babies, etc. They couldn't even keep track of who had what baby and which crib they laid them in. Everything was total chaos, and in the middle of it all Enu had his birthday. This time it was a small affair, no one was up to hosting company and the house was a mess, despite the butlers best efforts to keep it clean. Enu grew up into an extremely neat, outgoing, active little boy. He is pretty serious and can be a little grouchy, but no one can blame him for wanting some individual attention.

Getting ready to grow upEnu grows up.

Everyone worked on getting closer, even in a big house they had to try and all get along. Subira helped out all she could between work and school, and even Enu assisted with chores or grabbing something for someone if they needed it. Ekene made sure to make some time for her younger brother, and spent lots of time with her new baby.

Talking about workEkene and Kofi
Reading to Enu

Finally the time came from little Kofi to grow up into a toddler. There really was no fanfare, they felt lucky just to all be standing in the same room for once. Ekene took Kofi over to the cake and prepared to blow out the candles.

Proud mamaGetting ready

As proud mama blew out the candles for Kofi he grew up into a toddler....
Kofi as a baby
Kofi Yerazig
Male Toddler, Sagittarius

We'll hope for the best, and that he can grow into those looks a little more. Soon it will be time for Zuri to grow up too. Everyone is excited and dreading having two toddlers in the house. Maybe someday Akinyi and Bruce can have a little piece and quiet. For now they just relish in the fact they are accomplishing their dreams, which is something Akinyi never thought would happen when they started in that small little two bedroom house, her dad and twin little girls in tow.

The original houseThe original family


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Sep. 19th, 2009 01:43 am (UTC)
good job
Hello I'm popcorn I run the silver falls blog. Small beginnings are a lot of fun sometimes. Great job at that big household. It always exhausts me to do a really big house. The feeling of accomplishment makes it worth it. Good luck.
Sep. 19th, 2009 01:59 pm (UTC)
Re: good job
Thanks, and thanks for stopping by. This household was tedious. I felt bad sending Becca off with only 2 scholarships, but we needed the room in the house. You're blog is on the list of them I want to get to....there are just so many to read. :)
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