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Round 8: Arman

Entry 9
Arman Family Portrait
Daniela A- Adult Female - Family - Taurus - LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Trent Peshterianu - Adult Male - Fortune - Capricorn - LTW: Earn $100,000
Lucio A - Male Teen - Fortune - Taurus - LTW: Become Hand of Poseidon
Rachelle P - Female Child - Taurus
Cristiano P - Male Child - Scorpio

Last Time: When we last visited the Arman/Peshterianu house Daniela and Trent reminisced about the babies and the children they have raised and how quickly time goes by. Lucio grew up into a teenager and decided he wanted to earn money and be the Hand of Poseidon, and the twins grew up into cute little school children.

Hello Friend,


As I sit here and write in my journal and just listen to the chaos all around me I realize how much time has changed everything. The kids are all growing up so fast, Lucio will be leaving for college soon, and then it will just be the twins left. They are now teenagers, so different from each other. We had a good party for them to grow up.

Rachelle and her cakeCristiano and his cake

They are so different from each other, and myself, with Trent, the life we have made. I loved my first husband more than I could ever say, and losing him was so hard, but I have found in Trent, such a wonderful man. He still loves to go on little "dates" with me, usually just at the house, dancing a kissing.

Trent and Daniela on a date

I don't know that I could have asked, or wished for a better family then the one I was blessed with.


Life has had it's up and downs, but now that Daniela and I are preparing for elder hood, having grand kids and such I can't help but take a look back. When I met this beautiful vibrant Daniela and fell in love I never imagined what would be in store. She was so broken, trying her hardest to take care of 3 adorable little girls, I had to protect her. All I had ever wanted was money, but here was someone who needed me, and I couldn't turn away. When she got pregnant with my son I couldn't turn away, and now I have another amazing son and daughter. Lucio is getting ready to go off to college and the twins are now teenagers. I can't believe I have all teenagers now.

Rachelle blowing out the candlesCristiano getting ready to blow out the candles

We have wonderful friends, and I have a good job making plenty of money. All my kids have such large dreams, even if Rachelle's is a little less than I might have hoped (maybe she grow out of it). Soon it's just going to be Daniela and I in the house, until Lucio gets back from college that is. I'm getting older, I can feel it, and I may be gray before I see my little twins return from college and start their own lives. Even so, with my beautiful Daniela along side of me I'm sure it will be the happiest days.

It's me,

The twins are now teenagers. I sort of miss them as little kids. They were pretty cute always doing everything together, including their homework.

I am getting ready to leave for college, and must admit that I'm going to miss those two little twins. I'm a bit worried about my sister, however, she's got some interesting wants for her life. I have managed to reach about as high as my job will let me go without more education, so I'm on my way to living my dreams. Life gets pretty hectic around here, guess it's good practice for college.



Once more birthday party later and I am officially a teenager. I have decided what my life goals are and I am ready to meet them head first. Let's start with the birthday though, it was pretty good, lots of family around.

The party for the twins, Rachelle's turn

So while all the family was watching I got to grow up into teenager hood. Please don't mind the clothes, it was what we had in the closet.

Rachelle grown up
Rachelle Peshterianu
Female Teen, Pleasure
LTW: Have 50 1st Dates
Turn ons: Swimwear and Red Hair
Turn off: Witches

The birthday party was fun, but it was time to start dating. I called over the matchmaker and spent a little money, it didn't need to be a perfect date, just a date.
Matchmaker and Rachelle.

That guy was ok, not a dream date or anything, but for a first date he worked just fine. When I went off to school over the next couple of days I saw a really cute guy and we became friends, and he became my second date. He probably would have been a dream date if we had made it longer, but I was crushing on him big time and didn't want to get in over my head.

Ricky Reeves and Rachelle.

Once the weekend hit I drug my brother to the shops and we picked up some cell phones and I changed up my look. I think mom was probably ready to have a heart attack when we came home, but I love my new look.

Rachelle's new lookChatting with the workers

Yeah, I had a good time talking up the cute cashier there too. When we got back home it was time to try out my new look on a new guy. I had a couple of more dates, I'm at 4 right now and this guy was OK, but nothing special. Hopefully I can start meeting a few more boys, I think Dad will throw a fit if I keep spending all our money on the matchmaker. *giggle*



So I guess I'm now a teenager. Rachelle and I split a party.

Cristiano grows up
Cristiano Peshterianu
Male Teen, Fortune
LTW: Become a City Planner
Turn ons: Underwear and Unemployment
Turn off: Formal wear

Yeah, I got a job in the architecture. Thought it might help with being a city planner.

Cristiano as an architect

Mom helped Chelle and I study, guess that was cool. Got a new look too, I guess I like it.

Daniela teaching studyingTalking at the store

Umm....that's it.



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