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Round 10: Marzena

Entry 11
Family Portrait
Ame - Male Adult - Fortune - Taurus - LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Ricky - Male Adult - Family - Libra - LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren


Last Entry: Ame got abducted by aliens and ate cheesecake and started feeling ill.  Alvin headed off to university, a gypsy lamp was dropped off, so Ricky and Alvin wished for Peace of Mind.

Journal Entry 11,

I have had a very weird few years.  I wish I had had the time to write sooner, but things have been quite crazy.  Apparently, my abduction all the time ago left me pregnant. Yes, I know, a man pregnant, no way, but it happened.

Ame is pregnant

I was in a state of shock, but what an AMAZING experience to have for someone like me!  I mean, I was pregnant, with who knew what!  Well then the time for the, whatever it was going to be, to be born.  Wasn't sure how that was all going to work, and I sort of blacked out, so I'm not sure how it worked still....wish I hadn't have blacked out.

Adalard is bornArabelle is born

By some miracle I have 2 little green babies now.  One boy and one girl.  Adalard is the boy, and had very human looking large eyes.  Arabelle is more delicate in features, but had black eyes, and not much of a nose.  They grew up into toddlers while I was away at work one day.  It killed me to miss the birthday, but I know my love took good care of them.  I have worked hard on teaching them how to walk, and talk, and use the potty....what an experience!

Arabelle learning to talkAdalard learning to walk

They are amazing creatures I my desire for knowledge is soaking up all I can from such an incredible journey.



Hello there,

My world has been turned upside down.  No sooner does Ame and I's son leave for college, and Ame has that crazy experience with the telescope, but now we have babies in the house!  Ame gave birth two twin little alien babies.  I have to assume that's what they are, as they are green all over, and Arabelle has the blackest eyes.  I have to admit, they are pretty sweet though.  When it came time for their birthdays I was a bit worried.  Who knew if they grew up like regular kids....I didn't really watch as Adalard grew up.  When he turned out ok, Arabelle was easy.

Adalard grows upArabelle grew up

Those two love each other a lot.  Which is good, considering they are the only ones of their kind around here.  They are also very interested in learning things.  They spent so much time at their play table.

They love each otherAt the play table.

I've been thinking, I'm not really considered a parent in this particular set up, since they were actually born of Ame with no help from me, that maybe we need to adopt at least one more, because I'm not sure Alvin and Subira are interested in having 6 kids.  I guess we'll have to see.



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Nov. 8th, 2010 09:12 am (UTC)
Haha, I love the picture of Ricky not wanting to look when Adalard grew up :D
Nov. 8th, 2010 03:38 pm (UTC)
That picture completely cracked me up. I'd never really caught a sim not looking at the baby when they tossed them up to grow.
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