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Round 10: Kimon

Entry 11

Bigfoot and Christa
Christa - Female Elder - Fortune - Virgo - LTW: Max Out 7 Skills/Become Media Magnet

Last Entry: We said good-bye to Chen who was the last CAS Elder still alive.  He died platinum, but never reached his LTW of graduating 3 kids from college.  Alon asked Becca Rauscher to marry him while in Uni, and she said yes.  They graduated with honors and moved back to Breeze Point.


I knew that mom wouldn't stay long with dad gone and I was write.  Just after Becca and I's wedding mom went to join dad.  They will be together now.

Grim comes for ChristaChrista is ready

I know mom was worried about me for awhile, but I think once I came home and she got to see Becca and I's wedding she was ready to go be with dad.  She had accomplished her life long dream.  I will miss her though, and Becca has been invaluable support.

Becca comforts AlonThey comfort the cats

As I said, Becca and I got married shortly after we returned.  We didn't take a honeymoon, mostly because mom was already getting so weak we didn't want to leave her.  We also each got a makeover.  I think Becca looks amazing, and I like my new look.  Our wedding was beautiful as well.

Alon's new lookThe wedding kiss

After mom passed we had a big family get together with both of our families. Not everyone from either side made it, and combined we have a huge family tree, but it was great to get everyone together for awhile.

Family get togetherThe families talk

Oh yeah, I reached my life time desire of becoming a Criminal Mastermind.  I'm thinking of going into the SCIA now.  With my knowledge of criminal activity, maybe I could be useful there.  Mom also pops up from time to time to remind us she isn't really gone.

Alon is a Criminal MastermindChrista makes an appearance.



My days have pretty much been the same since the wedding.  I'm having trouble finding a job, so I get up each morning and fix some food for Alvin and Alon before they head off to work.

Waking upMaking food

Once everyone is gone for the day I tend to the cats and try to have a little fun.

Playing with the catsHaving fun
I've also been working on training the cats a bit too.  Once everyone comes home and dinner is over I try to at least talk some with Alvin and then spend some time with my husband.

Training the catsTalking with Alvin
Cuddling with Alon

I miss Christa quite a bit, but I'm glad she was able to be around for the wedding.  I know her and Chen both would have wanted to be there.  Alon thinks Chen was, and I am willing to believe him.

Chen is around


Platinum is Growing

The graveyard at Kimon's


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Nov. 23rd, 2010 06:47 am (UTC)
Goodbye Christa!
Apr. 25th, 2012 09:28 am (UTC)
So sad to see her go. She was fun.
Nov. 25th, 2010 02:08 pm (UTC)
Nice to see a new family forming!
Nov. 26th, 2010 08:10 pm (UTC)
Yes, I really like where they are going so far. Neither have parents that have grandchildren wants, so they are free to have kids or not, although one would probably be good to carry on the family name. They have one bolt together but act like they have more, always wanting to do things with the other, etc. They are just super sweet and one of my favorite couples.
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