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Round 10: Isleen

Entry 11
Family of Four Portrait
Franz - Male Adult - Popularity - Sagittarius - LTW: Become Captain Hero/Become General
Biyu - Female Adult - Popularity - Taurus - LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends
Ulrich - Male Child - Taurus
Jian - Male Baby - Sagittarius
Last Entry: Franz and Biyu celebrated the birth of their second son Jian, and Ulrich grew up into a child.  Biyu continued to chase after her dream of being best friends with 20 simultaneous pets.  The family also dealt with the loss of Biyu's grandfather, Chen.

Isleen Family Tree

Here is the family tree according to the youngest son, Jian.  It contains both the Isleen and Kimon sides of the family all the way back to the founders. The only people really missing are Jian's Great Uncle(?) Alon, his wife Becca and his step-great grandmother Christa who died a couple of houses ago.  You can really start to see the family expanding.

Journal Entry 12,

Our family suffered another loss. Biyu's step-grandmother Christa passed away this round, shortly after her uncle Alon married Becca Rauscher.  It wasn't nearly as hard on our family as Chen's death, but it still was something that affected Biyu, and maybe even myself a little bit.

Franz Lost it?

Work continues to go well, and our family continues to grow and change in ways  I would have never imagined.  First, Biyu sold the rest of the dogs to our friends and family in the neighborhood.  However, we have Cleo back with us as well.  One night Biyu found her wandering around in the yard, and the owner had just let her go, so we brought her in and decided to find her a better home, or keep her for ourselves.

We now host a bunch of cats in our little animal shelter area, and Biyu just loves them.  We got them as kittens, although they are starting to grow up now.  There sure is a lot of meowing around here.  To top it all off, Ulrich begged and pleaded for a parrot, so we finally broke down and got him one.

Ulrich and Rainbow the parrot

Finally, not to be out done by all the animals, but our sons have grown up too.  Jian had a birthday and became an adorable toddler. 

Jian as a toddler.

Later, in a double birthday Ulrich grew up into an teenager, and Jian is now a child headed to school.  It's hard to believe I have a teenage son now.  Biyu and I decided it was time to get the boys into private school, so we invited the headmaster over and got them both in.  Hua-Ling brought over her family that night as well, and we had a wonderful get together.

Headmaster Visit


Diary Entry 12,

Christa saw all she needed to see with Alon and Becca got married recently.  Shortly after she decided to go be with grandfather and my grandmother, who I'm sure with love her.  I managed to sell the rest of the dogs, I was best friends with each of them, and sold them to good families so I could visit them again soon.

Selling the dogs

I also got a group of kittens, as I wanted to change.  The kittens were adorable and I love each of them so much.  They are growing up quickly though into beautiful cats, and I'm sure I will be sending them off to good homes soon.

Biyu and a kitten

I got so made one night when I found Cleo wandering around in our yard.  I sold her quite a while back to, what seemed like, a nice young man and he didn't take care of her.  I brought her in, gave her some food and love and decided this time I would keep her.  No more pets are going to people outside our neighborhood if I can keep from it.  The boys just love having the animals around all the time, and after little Jian grew into a toddler they played together all the time.

Ulrich and Jian together.

I can't believe they aren't this little anymore.  Ulrich is a teenager now and Jian is a child.  We did get them both into private school, which was good.  I think it will help the boys a lot.



Entry 2,

I have met a pretty cute girl.  We are friends, although I'm not sure we will be more than that yet.
Ulrich has a friend.

I'm a teenager now, but I miss some thing about being a kid like Jian.  I miss being swung around by my dad,
Franz swinging around Ulrich

and making snow angels.  I guess I'm lucky for being a kid in winter.  Mom says a lot of kids aren't.
Making snow angels

I guess I'm ok with being a teenager though.  It's kind of cool.
Ulrich the teen
Ulrich Isleen
Male Teen, Knowledge
LTW: Become Mad Scientist
Turn Ons: Formal Wear and Full Face Makeup
Turn Off: Fatness

Hi World!

I uset to be a todlr but now I am a kid. I had a birthdae with my brothr.  It was fun.
Jian is a child!

I start skool soon.



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Feb. 11th, 2011 12:25 pm (UTC)
Aaw, they grow up so fast! Good work with all the pet best friends... :)
Feb. 11th, 2011 01:02 pm (UTC)
Thanks, she's actually only got like 11 of the 20 needed. I think they will turn elder next round, so I have to get going or it's just not going to happen. I really love Jian, he's super cute.
Feb. 11th, 2011 07:23 pm (UTC)
Agreed, Jian looks cute! He seems to keep his good looks as he grows, too.
Apr. 25th, 2012 09:29 am (UTC)
Thanks, I hope he's cute as a teen too. :)
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