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Round 12: Kimon (2)

Kimon (2)
Entry 6

Hua-Ling - Female Elder - Fortune - Scorpio - LTW: Own 5 Top Level Businesses
Arcadia - Female Adult - Family - Cancer - LTW: Become Educational Minister/Raise 20 Puppies or Kittens

Alvin - Male Teen - Family - Aries - LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College
Last Entry: Alvin wrote the update about how the family was doing.  Hua-Ling turned into a witch, and Arcadia was bitten by a vampire.  The whole family worked to help Hua-Ling reach 5 top rated businesses, and she has reached 3 of the 5. Alvin wished for peace of mind from a genie lamp and is now permanent platinum aspiration. Hua-Ling had a birthday to elder and Osimo the robot saw a social bunny.


Isleen Family_ Round 12.JPG
The family tree is the same as Biyu Isleen (Kimon) from the last house.  Hua-Ling is an original inhabitant of Breeze Point, with her sister Biyu and their grandfather Chen.  Hua-Ling married Arcadia Despret after college and together they adopted Alvin.  The girl's grandfather, Chen, met and married Christa Hsu during his time in Breeze Point and together they adopted a boy named Alon is married one of the many Rauscher children and has a daughter of his own.


Hi I'm Alvin!

I wrote about last week and all the craziness and it really hasn't ended.  Mama Ling is still a witch, although she is no longer green and she cackles less.  It's still a little weird that she can do magic though.  Mama Dia is still a vampire and sleeps most of the day unless she has to go to work. With Mama Ling still needing to work her businesses, I spend a lot of time alone and with the dogs.  That's ok though because my family went nuts with all of these things happening last week.


Mama Dia also studies a lot during the day.  We did inherit some money from Mr. and Mrs. Peshtarianu.  They were nice neighbors to have, but it's a little crazy that they died on the same day.  I guess that happens sometimes, but it's just another instance of strange things happening around here.  I also heard there were additional aliens that are living here now too.


As I said before, Mama Ling isn't green anymore, she now wears a brownish dress and spends a lot more time at her books.  I don't really understand it all, so one day while she was out and Mama Dia was sleeping I thought I'd take a peek at the book.  I'm not interested in learning anything, but what if Mama Ling accidentally hurt someone? Anyway, I really don't trust that magic stuff now, though, because the BOOK ATTACKED ME!  There was no one else around, so it had to be the book!


Then Mama Ling's whole outlook changed again.  She now wears a white hat and says she just wants to do good.  After coming home from her day job she stands all night and studies even more.  I hope she knows what she is doing. Secretly I wonder if she just doesn't want to die.

I then got the chance to go on an outing with a bunch of people.  I didn't even know all of these people, but I was willing to meet them.  We went to a karaoke bar and had a good time singing and playing pool.  It was a good group of people and it was nice to get out of the house for a little while.


Mama Ling is still working on her businesses.  Ling's is going really well and it reached the top level it could be.  Technically, Mama Ling said she felt her life was complete, even though it was only 3 businesses that were on top.  She thinks it's probably because her first couple were so up and down that they feel like they count more. (Editor's Note:  This, of course, was the "glitch" where a business could fall and raise back up and be counted as a business reaching level 10 again.  She will still work her last two businesses up to level 10 as well.) She still wants to get all 5 though, so I guess the grocery store and the gym will just have to do better.


Speaking of the grocery store, we did stop in there, and it also reached a level 10.  It took a lot of work, and Mama Ling finally started hiring some staff to fill in the roles while Mama Dia or myself can't keep working there.  I am off to college soon.

Mama Dia decided to sit down and learn about fires.  I don't know that we have ever had a fire, but I guess since fire could probably hurt her it isn't a bad idea for her to know how to put them out.  Mama Dia still scares me a little bit.  I mean she sleeps in a coffin most days, and it is all foggy when she wakes up.  She also kind of just rises out of the fog straight as a board.  It's kind of creepy if you ask me.


Mama Ling did do something really smart, at least I think it is.  She finally retired.  She could have done it a while ago, and it's not like we needed money.  This way she can spend more time on her businesses.  Although she claims it is also to spend more time on her magic, I try not to think too much about that.


Our old dog also passed away.  It was sad, we all really loved him.  A while later Mama Ling said she wanted to get a new dog, and so we got a new little male dog.  I don't remember what kind of dog he is, but he's kind of interesting looking. Mama Ling does seem to have come back to her pleasant demeanor she always had before.  There has been absolutely no cackling, so maybe her learning magic hasn't been all bad.

I guess when you live in a house with a servant robot you should probably expect some random things to happen.  I am pretty sure no one else in town has an Osimo.  Anyway, I have left for college.  Collected my things and left.  I believe Mama Dia was sleeping since she couldn't be out in the sun, but I'll be sure to call her when I get settled.


I'll be sure to write more from college.  At least I'll be around normal people again and Zuri is coming to school with me.  It will be so much fun to see her every day.


Mom and Dad,

So much has happened that I haven't had a chance to tell you about.  Alvin has grown up and moved off to college.  I don't think he has felt comfortable around here, and he certainly has kept his distance since I became a witch.  I hope he can learn to trust me again someday.  Arcadia is also a vampire.  My sister was a werewolf and now my wife a vampire.  It's no wonder the gypsy lady comes around here so often.  I hope I can learn enough to cure Arcadia.  I do not want her to suffer forever as a vampire.  I won't force her to drink it though!  She is my everything.  She keeps herself active and very fit, of course, and has been such a huge help to me.


My magics are going well, and I feel the positive energies flowing through me all the time.  I was even able to craft a throne which really energizes me.  I keep one with me almost all the time.  They can be very useful for the businesses when I need a little pick me up.


Our poor Osimo has really struggled lately.  He continues to talk to people who are not there.  Just the other day Arcadia told me she was in the living room with Osimo and he was talking to someone, but it wasn't her.  Either that or his direction sensors are really out of whack.  I really feel like Arcadia should take a peek at him and do a quick tune-up.(Editor's Note: Poor Osimo never kept up social needs this round.  Not sure why it was so hard this round, but hopefully next round he'll feel better.)


We did have puppies in the house, four of them to be exact.  We got rid of them shortly after.  This house is pretty crazy on its own.  I know Arcadia wants to raise puppies and kittens now, so maybe the next group we will keep. (Editor's Note:  Whoops...forgot Arcadia had this wish now and that I was going to have her start raising some of them.  I will try to remember for next round.)


Now that Alvin is at college the house does seem quiet.  Arcadia has taken up sewing.  She isn't as good as Christa was, but at least her machine is getting some use.  Arcadia says she wants to make curtains to help protect her better in the daytime.  Meanwhile, I am still working on my magics, perfecting spells, and making reagents.  My life has been a series of highs and lows, but I do feel good about my businesses, Ling's Jewelry and Clothing reached the top and the only business I have left is the gym.  It is slow, however, so I might try to make potions and sell them, but we will see.

I still miss you guys, and Chista and grandpa.  I know I will join you before too much longer in my life, but I do hope I can see Alvin get married and start his life with Zuri.  He deserves all the happiness in the world and I love my family here.