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Round 12: Marzena (2)

Marzena (2)
Entry 5

Denis Marzena - Male Adult - Romance/Knowledge - Cancer - LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef - Major: Art
Last Entry: Denis got a couple of cats and continued dating. He also continued to work on his tinkering and had a family get together to meet both of his sons, Falkor and Kofi.  He went to the lake and continues to work on his lovers.


This is the Marzena family tree.  This would have matched the first Marzena house if I had included it in that entry.  Ame started as a teen with his young brother Denis in tow.  Their mom was a placeholder and killed off as soon as they moved in.  Ame married Ricky right after college and together they adopted son Alon, who has recently married Subira Raucher.  Ame and Ricky have each had a set of twin alien babies as well, all in the hopes of reaching Ricky's LTW to see 3 kids grauated college.  Denis is a romance sim and has stayed single, however, he has sired 2 sons, Falkor and Kofi with ladies of the neighborhood. This is still one of the smaller families in the hood, but come next generation they will likely catch up quite a bit.

Jrnal 13,

Oh my faithful journal, whom I have recorded so many memories in, about so many beautiful women.  Not once, in all of my years, have I intended to go after a married woman.  I still haven't, she came on to me at the party, but oh, it was my Gisela.  She has stayed in my mind always, and clearly I in hers.  I did not initiate it, especially in front of Benjamin, but I can't deny that I liked it when she looked at me like that.


Well I knew there would be talk, I mean Franz, her brother was also right there.  He had always been a good friend of mine and I didn't want anything to ruin that.  I know Marylena was hurt, it was her party, but at the same time, she understands what it's like. Still, I decided to lay low for a little bit and let things settle.  So I threw myself into tinkering, an interest I've had since I was a teenager. I finally feel like I can call myself an expert.

It felt amazing to have that knowledge under my belt.  The older I get the more I find that I understand those who persue knowledge.  I may still want to persue the ladies, but knowledge can be a mistress all on her own.  Anyway, wanting to see how things were, and knowing that Ame's oldest alien boy had a wish to love his way through many people in his life, I invited over the family.  I hadn't talked much with my nieces and thought I could provide some good advise to Adalard.

It was good to talk with all the family and Ame said, though there has been some gossip it seems like Gisela and Benjamin have tried to discretly figure out their life on their own.  I do hope Gisela will be all right, she knows who I am.  Anyway, since it seemed safe to start dating again without too much scrutiny, Benjamin came over once and knocked over my trashcan, (Which I probably deserved since I did have a little thing with Gisela while they were engaged) I invited a date over.  We had dated before, and she is beautiful and talented.  We had a good time.

I decided I wanted to go back into education after that.  I had enjoyed my little stint in it in the beginning, and I thought I had reached my peak as a chef and should go out on top.  So I found a job in education and started hitting the books again.  Most of my thoughts went toward becoming the best educator I could and while I still wanted to date, I might meet some new women this way.  I always knew girls enjoyed a boy who could converse with them. What I mostly found instead was I met a lot of fairly stuffy professors who were much more into knowledge than I was, even with my newfound appreiation for it, and they weren't always happy to have this celebrity chef in their hallowed halls. Still I did make some friends.

The chef in me has also not disappeared and I occationally treat myself to some of my hardest reciepes to keep myself in the game. Normally I would knock these out for a date I would want to impress, but these days a quiet night at home seems like a good opportunity to use them as well.

Time flies however, and wouldn't you know it, but I had a birthday coming up.  I decided to invite over the family and some friends.  No lovers here for this party though, don't need more drama.  I have always been pretty adept at keeping my ladies from each other, but when you live in a small town sometimes that's hard to do.  Still, I was able to have the people I'm closest to near me for the big day. There was Ame and Ricky of course, then Kofi came and Adalard and Arabelle, Runa, I can't remember if Runi came too. Biyu came, she's always been a great friend.

I didn't even make it to the cake before I felt myself getting older.  The party was a lot of fun though and it was nice to have so many people together having a good time. Oh, right Ame's adopted son Alon also came, but I think his wife, Subira stayed home. I didn't think much of the clothes I was given, however, not entirely sure why I couldn't keep wearing the clothes I had, but I guess it's just a thing.

Right after the party I headed to Ling's Cloths because I was not going to stay in those pants.  The shirt wasn't too bad, but I needed a new look.  Not sure I loved what they did with my hair, but I guess I'll get used to it.  I might be getting older, but I'm still pretty sure I've got it with the ladies.  I noticed the count was there and I guess he was looking for new clothes.

I spent the rest of that night looking out at the stars and thinking about life.  I was very satisfied with where my life had gone, and while I still had goals I had reached the top level of cooking, I was an educational minister, I had loved over 20 women and I was content. I don't know how many people can always say that, and it didn't mean I still didn't want things, or have goals, but I was happy.

Looking out at the stars had made me realize that I had another interest I had built over my years but that had always taken a back seat to tinkering with things, and that was science.  Science featured heavy in my love of electronics and it was trying to explain much of the world.  I had been invited years ago to visit the science lot in town and I decided to do it.  While there I practice with the medical dummy, and made some medicine.  It was interesting.

Back at home the cats had begun fighting a lot, so I basically locked them in the yard together.  Not entirely sure it would help when I came back from the science lot I found them playing.  They were soon getting along much better.  Not entirely sure what sets on of them off on the other but they have always been hit and miss at being friends.  Still, they tolerate each other much better now. (AN: Thank you to ASimWen who suggested the yard for dogs, I tried it with these two, letting them in the house and yard only and they went from a -81 to positivng relationship in a couple of days.)

I decided, on a Saturday, as was always fairly traditional around here to head down to the lake and do some fishing and see if there was anyone worth meeting.  It must have been a guys weekend or something because while a couple of women walked past the park, it was filled with guys.  So we talked, grilled some dogs, fished and just hung out.  It was a good time to spend with the guys.

Right towards the end of the day this sketchy character came up to me and tried to offer me "the deal of a lifetime."  I knew this was the guy multiple people had been taken in by and gotten stolen from, so I kept my hand on my wallet and poliety declined to hear anymore from him about any deals he may have.  I made my way home after that, I just hope the rest of the guys moved on quickly too. (AN: I am pretty sure Denis is one of my first playables to ever turn down the charlatan, I was so excited!)

I did have Falkor over again for a little chat, just he and I one on one.  He had always seemed to want more of that, and he is family after all.  He may not want the same things as I did, or even that his mother did, but he's a good kid. He seemed interested in robotics, and I was more than willing to pass on that information to someone who wanted to know.

I called over a girl I knew in college, it was like she hadn't changed a bit.  She was ok with having a little fun and even said she still had her cheerleading outfit.  I told her to bring it and we enjoyed some fun.  We had never had more than a flirtation in university, but it was able to turn into a lot more now.

I think, if I were to die right now, my life would feel pretty complete.  With everything that happened with Gisela mostly simmered down now I feel like I can continue to meet and find more women to love, and I want to continue to research science some more, but my life has been a good one.  I am happy to be content with my life now, and who knows where the world will take me next.

I'm so very glad Ame gave me this journal all those years ago to write what happened in my life.  I get such joy going back and reading about my thoughts, so my was I a silly kid once upon a time. I'm sure some would say I'm a silly man too, but I love what I love. Until I write again.



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