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Round 3: Yerazig

Entry 4
Yerazing Family Portrait 3
Eniola - Male Elder - Family - Pisces - LTW: Marry off 6 Children
Bruce - Male Adult - Fortune - Scorpio - LTW: Become a Business Tycoon
Akinyi - Female Adult - Family - Libra - LTW: Marry off 6 Children
Ekene - Female Child - Leo
Kirabo - Female Child - Leo

My Friend,

What changes life can bring. When we moved to Breeze Point our family had more pain then any of us thought we would be able to take for long. In my last entry I mentioned that our family was growing. I was shocked when Akinyi told me what had happened and invited Bruce Rauscher to move in with us. However, we now have a beautiful little baby girl, Becca.

Eniola and Becca

Here is a baby picture of her. Bruce has brought a lot of joy to the house and the twins seem to get along with him well. A while back he actually asked Akinyi to marry him. They had a very small wedding in the kitchen, as she was very pregnant at the time.
Akinyi and Bruce getting married

Watching Akinyi with the girls it makes me wish I could have had more kids with my beloved wife. I enjoy so much helping take care of the girls. The twins also grew up into teenagers and are getting anxious be out of school and go off to college.

Kirabo growing upEkene growing up
Kirabo Yerazig
Female Teenager, Pleasure
LTW: Become Celebrity Chef
Turn ons: Logical and Vampirism
Turn offs: Creative
Ekene Yerazig
Female Teenager, Pleasure

LTW: Become a Professional Party Guest
Turn ons: Athletic and Mechanical
Turn offs: Swimwear

They are beautiful girls and I know Becca is going to grow up to be a beauty as well.


My heart,

I cannot write for long, but so much has happened.  I am back to being exhausted because of the birth of Becca.  It wasn't a easy birth.

Akinyi giving birth

Life has changed for me.  I will always love and miss you my darling, but Bruce asked me to marry him and I said yes.  We had a small wedding in the kitchen of our home.  Bruce took me on a small honeymoon and we added an addition onto the house.  That gave the girls their room and dad got a room to himself.  Bruce built a master bedroom upstairs with a nursery built off of that.  It's all seemed like a whirl wind and a dream.  I will never forget you my darling, but my life is moving forward and I must move with it.


Entry 1,

Apparently, Akinyi tells me, it is traditional for the family to write in a journal about the goings on of the family.  She says it will be good for the girls and grandchildren, great grandchildren and other future generations.  I don't know what else to really write about other than our honeymoon.  I took Akinyi to an island where she could relax and enjoy herself.

Checking in at the hotelSwimming pool

It was a nice place with a pool to relax by.  We also took a trip to an abandoned pirate ship.  I managed to awake a ghost of a captain by trying to rummage around in the captain's quarters.  Akinyi managed to get some pictures.

The pirate shipPirate captain's ghost

It was a relaxing time for me.  I know that Akinyi was uncomfortable but she enjoyed herself as well.  When Akinyi gave birth to beautiful little Becca it was amazing.  She has also grown into a beautiful little toddler.
Becca's growing up
Becca Rauscher
Female Child


Dear Diary,
There are many changes that have happened in our lives.  First Kira and I have grown into teenagers.  Now we are in high school and I have dreams of becoming a professional party guest some day.  The next big change has been the additional of 2 members to our family.  Mom decided to marry Bruce Rauscher before the baby was born.  He's been good for her, and she is happier than I ever remember her being.  It will be time to go to college for Kira and me and that will probably be helpful since the house is getting pretty full.  Mom had Becca not long after the wedding.  She's pretty cute I guess.  I'm not sure I want any kids for myself though.  They are a lot of work.  I'm not sure how mom and grandpa handled the both of us.
Kirabo and Ekene in the store

One day Kira and I went down town and bought some cell phones.  We have to keep up with friends and family, especially when we are off at college.



Things have definitely changed around here.  Moving to Breeze Point has brought many changes to our lives.  I don't really remember anything from our old house, or about our father, but I remember mom crying a lot and being unhappy.  Kene and I were so much closer to grandpa then with mom for the younger years of our life.  Now, we are still closer to grandpa, but mom is happier.  She doesn't cry as much, and while I know she is exhausted from carrying, birthing and taking care of baby Becca we have been able to get to know her better.  Bruce has brought smiles back to mom's face and I am happy that he has come into our lives.  He was a chef when he first moved in, although he has left that job to follow his dreams of becoming a business man, and has inspired me to reach for the goal of being a Celebrity Chef.

Ekene and Kirabo playing games

Kene and I went to buy ourselves some cell phones and look through some clothes at the little clothing store by the lake.  We stopped into the arcade and played some games there.  It's been tough to keep upbeat at home, it's such a crazy place with the new baby, the new husband, etc.  It was good to get out of the house and just have some fun.



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Apr. 10th, 2009 02:27 pm (UTC)
aw welcome to the family Becca!
Bruce is a stand up guy, good for him to marry the mother of his daughter.
LOL she went in to labor in the bathroom, such a typical sim.
Good for Akinyi to move on with her life. She cant live life as if her hubs will return. Its not healthy for her or her kids
Kene doesnt want kids? I guess that leaves the house to Kira to fullfil the heiress role

Apr. 11th, 2009 12:45 am (UTC)
lol....we will see who has kids. ;)
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