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Round 3: Kimon

Entry 4

Kmon Family Portrait 3


Chen - Male Elder - Family - Virgo - LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College
Hua-Ling - Female Teen - Fortune - Scorpio - LTW: Own 5 Top Level Businesses
Biyu - Female Teen - Popularity - Taurus - LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends


Entry 4,

My heart is alive within me.  My darling Christa has become my wife.  We had a home wedding but I created an arch and we got married underneath it with friends watching on.

Chen and Christa's weddingWedding Guests
The kissCutting the cake

We did not take a honeymoon, although we would have loved to have gotten away for a little bit.  Instead we used the money to add a master bedroom onto the house.  This let us turn my small bedroom into an office and a place for the Onyx.  Christa is lovely and I couldn't imagine being any happier than I am with her right now.

Christa and a random him
Christa Hsu - Kimon
Female Elder, Knowledge
LTW: Max Out 7 Skills
Turn ons: White hair and Unemployment
Turn off: Red hair



Chen has asked me to keep a journal so that the girls can have an account of what happened in this house and our future generations to come.  I am very happy that Chen is now in my life and I'm not sure what I would do without him.  His granddaughters are amazing girls and I am working at trying to get to know them better.


Mom and Dad,

Biyu and I are getting closer and closer and while I miss home and I miss you I'm ok with being here in Breeze Point.  Grandpa got married to Christa Hsu and they seem very happy.  They were able to use some money to add onto the house and Oynx has a room to himself.  I think he likes having the extra room and I know he loves all of the attention lavished on him.  Biyu and I are starting to make friends at school and occasionally they come over and visit us.
Snowball fight

We have a lot of fun and in the winter we tend to get into huge snowball fights.  It's a lot of fun and gives me something fun to do before heading off to work.  Work is ok I guess, but I would rather stay home.  I get so tired at night when I have to come home from work and still work on homework.  College will be here soon though, and I can't wait to go.


Diary Entry 4,

Onyx is going up and down in his career.  Grampy tried to train him some the other day, but I'm not sure it went so well.  I need to get back to training him, but Hua-Ling and I have been hanging out more.  We managed to get a soccer net the other day and enjoying playing with that.

Biyu and Hua-Ling playing soccer

I am getting more friends at school and am excited about graduating and going on to college.  Christa and Grampy got married.  She seems very nice but I haven't had the chance to really get to know her.  Maybe she'll be able to help me with science.  I know she is very smart, and apparently has worked with Robotics before.



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Apr. 10th, 2009 02:47 pm (UTC)
While i konw Chen is happy and i'm happy for him... I worry for the girls.
Hmmm, Christa appears to be concerned w/ the girls .. time will tell.
Hua-Ling sounds exhausted. Good thing she has college to relax at. o.O sheesh, poor kid.
Biyu seems more adjusted to this new marriage.

Apr. 25th, 2012 08:36 am (UTC)
The girls certainly had a lot of adjustments to make early on in life. Christa has done what she can to connect with the girls so far.
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