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Round 3: Arman

Entry 4
Arman Family Portrait 2
Daniela - Adult Female - Family - Taurus - LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Bianca - Female Teenager - Pleasure - Capricorn - LTW: Become a Game Designer
Adona - Female Child - Leo
Allegra - Female Child - Aries
(Note: Apparently the photographer did not get a current family picture at the end of last round)

Hello friend,

Where do I begin. So many changes are taking place in our lives. I have been missing you my darling, and I missed having someone to love. I actually went to the matchmaker, I know, it's so unlike me, but with the 3 girls and work I had no time to meet anyone. Anyway, she brought me Trent. Darling you have no idea how hard this has all been on me. I wish it was you, I wish you were here, but you aren't. I can't keep doing this on my own. Bianca will be off to college soon and the twins, well they are growing up to. I wanted a Golden Anniversary with you, but that can never be. Trent is sweet, kind, amazing with the girls, and gentle. I hope you know this doesn't mean that I don't love you, because I do and I will forever. I have to move on.

Trent and Daniela

He brought up a big piano and the girls love to play on it. Oh darling, I have fallen in love with him. He's different than you, but he has a good job, and his goal is to earn $100,000. Here is the part I cannot believe though.

Daniela pregnant

Yes, I am pregnant. It has been a strange turn of events. Of course I am so happy that the twins have grown up.

Allegra growing upAdona grows up
Allegra Arman
Female Teen, Pleasure
LTW: Become Game Designer
Turn ons:
Jewelry and Athletic
Turn off: Zombiism
Adona Arman
Female Teen, Fortune
LTW: Become Business Tycoon
Turn ons: Great Cook and Fitness
Turn off: Make-up

They are beautiful and have such high dreams for themselves.  They are both ready to go off to college after they finish high school.


Dear Diary,

The biggest news in the house is mom getting pregnant by the guy Trent.  She says she loves him, and I guess he seems like a nice guy.  The twins also grew up.  I could get Alle to do my homework again now, but I'm trying to get through it on my own.  I'll need to do it when I go to college so I guess I better get used to it.  We did all head downtown and I picked up some new clothes and we all got cell phones. I did manage to find a job in the gaming industry and I'm working after school.  It's not always fun, but I know that it helps mom with some of the bills.



Hello Diary,

School is getting better, but the homework is harder.  I do like high school more than elementary though.  Trent took us to the lake the other day, and then down to town.

At the lake

He's a good guy and seems to make mom happy.  I don't remember much before moving here, but I know that mom has been tired, and lonely.  Trent makes her laugh and smile more.  Of course mom has gotten pregnant so she is going to be relying on us girls to take care of everything.  I am ready to go to college, but I've got some time before that will happen.





I have moved onto high school.  I still enjoy school, but I enjoy my friends a lot more.  It's fun to come home and hang out with Bianca, Adona and our friends before having to concentrate on homework.  Mom and Trent are going to have a baby I guess.  I have decided what I think about him yet, but he seems like a good guy.  All I know is that mom seems happier now then she was.  I guess time will tell what happens. Other than growing up not much has happened around her other than that.



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Mar. 27th, 2009 10:41 am (UTC)
Guess Allegra won't do everyone's homework now that she has discovered other pleasures! Too bad for you Bianca! ^_^
Apr. 25th, 2012 08:38 am (UTC)
LOL...those two were too funny. Allegra was a handful when she was young.
Apr. 10th, 2009 03:09 pm (UTC)
Another one moving on with her life and with another man and preggers? oy like three kids werent enough?
LOL I'm sure Bianca is ready to get out of there!

Apr. 25th, 2012 08:39 am (UTC)
You know those family sims and their wants for babies. All three of the girls were ready to leave the house I think.
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