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Round 5: Kimon

Entry 6

Kimon Family Portrait 4
Chen - Male Elder - Family - Virgo - LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College
Christa - Female Elder - Fortune - Virgo - LTW: Max Out 7 Skills
Biyu - Female Teen - Popularity - Taurus - LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Pet Best Friends
Alon - Male Child - Aries

Entry 6, 

I continue to grow more and more smitten with little Alon.  He a jewel of a child, comes home and plays and then sits and does his homework.  He and Biyu get along very well, which I am happy about as he has never met Hua-Ling.
Biyu and Alon dancing
I took the family fishing the other day.  We had a very enjoyable time, and it was great to get to teach my boy fishing.  Ah, my boy.

Alon and Chen fishingChen cooking the fish

I cam home and prepared some of the fish we had caught.  It came out very well and everyone said how much they enjoyed it.  This life I am leading is greater then I could have ever asked for and I owe so much of it to my beautiful Christa.  Because of her I was able to find love in my life again, which helped me to raise the girls that much better.  Because of my darling Christa I have a son who has brought youth and laughter back into my life.  It's all due to hr, and I can't begin to think her enough for what she has done. Biyu has left for college, I will miss her, and I know Alon will too.



Biyu has left for college and I am completely distraught because I did not get to give her the quilt I had made.  I am going to have to make sure to give it to her when she visits.  I do not want her to feel like I was not thinking of her when she left.  I have started making one for Alon as well.  I'm sure that he is going to be heading to college before Chen or I are ready. When the family went fishing it was wonderful to get to know Biyu a little more.  I barely had the chance to really get to know Hua-Ling before she went to college, so it was good to spend a little more time with Biyu.

Biyu and Christa fishing

Alon is going to miss her I think.  They spent a lot of time together playing, and dancing.  I was so glad he had a "bigger sister" person around, even though she's his niece.  Funny to think about that one.  Right before Biyu left I went and got a make over and some new clothes.  I told Chen that my style just didn't suit me anymore, not as a wife and mother.  I think Chen likes it.

Chen and Chirsta with her new look.


Diary Entry 6,

The time finally came, I have left for college.  However, there are a few things I guess I should write about what happened before I went to college.  Well first, after reading through my old entries I realized that Alon is my uncle, not cousin.  Still weird!  Anyway, before I left for college I figured I needed to help the kid out like Hua-Ling had for me.

Biyu teaching Alon to study

He's a good kid.  I'm sure he's keep Christa and Grampy busy while I'm off at college.  I did get one last chance to sneak out with a friend before I headed off to college. Then it was goodbye to all, I'm off to see Hua-Ling.

Biyu sneaking out.Biyu leaves for college.


JE 2,

I am in skool now.  Biyu helped me with my home work.  I like her.  She left for skool in a other place.

Biyu and Chirsta say goodbye to Biyu

I like fishing a lot.  Dad takes me to the lake to fish.  Mom comes to.

Alon fishing

One day a big black car came and took Biyu away for awhile.  It was very dark.  She came back after a long time. It was still dark then. Mom and dad do not know. I did not tell. I miss Biyu.




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Apr. 10th, 2009 07:12 pm (UTC)
Chen sounds like such a proud daddy. weird to say dad when he's so old!
yay for makeovers.
Hmmm with both Biyu and Hua-Ling in college, lets hope the two elders stay alive long enough for Alon to transition!
LOL Alon is a good uncle for not telling on Biyu

Apr. 11th, 2009 01:04 am (UTC)
Elixir of life is a wonderful thing. lol
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