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Round 5: Arman

Entry 6
Arman Family Portrait 3
Daniela - Adult Female - Family - Taurus - LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Trent Peshterianu - Adult Male - Fortune - Capricorn - LTW: Earn $100,000
Bianca - Female Teenager - Pleasure - Capricorn - LTW: Become a Game Designer
Adona - Female Teenager - Fortune - Leo - LTW: Become a Business Tycoon
Allegra - Female Teenager - Pleasure - Aries - LTW: Become a Game Designer
Lucio - Male Baby - Taurus

Hello friend,

It has happened. I am finally Mrs. Trent Peshterianu. Trent just came up to me one day, I wasn't in the best of moods and he just asked me to marry him right there on the spot. I'm not sure what made him decide he was really ready for it all, but I was so excited we had the ceremony right there in the kitchen with our pajama's on.

Daniella and Trent get marriedTrent and Daniella - Man and Wife

I was so happy. (When I opened this house almost EVERYONE was in red aspiration and in a red mood. I had a heck of a time keeping this family a float and still going to school, working, etc. To get Daniella in a good mood I had her a Trent get married right then and there.) Also, little Lucio had a couple of birthday's. First he grew in a toddler.
Luico is a toddler.
Lucio Arman
Male Toddler, Taurus

He's got my skin coloring and Trent's brown eyes. I think Trent wouldn't have minded if he had his red hair, but I think he's prefect just the way he is. The other big change that came to this house was Bianca up and moved to college. I knew she was ready, and sure enough, as soon as she graduated she called a cab and move up to Sim State. A few of her friends are going there as well, so I know she will be fine.



Life really does take strange turns. Lucio is getting so big so quickly. When he grew into a toddler I realized this was what I wanted. Yes, I want to earn a fortune, however Daniella and Lucio have become my life. Bianca, Allegra and Adona are amazing girls, and they have been researching and getting scholarships to help with the tuition to Sim State. Well with everything going on I decided that it was time to marry Daniela. I was really happy to actually get married.

Trent and Daniela getting married

Not too long after that is when Lucio grew up in a school child.
Lucio grows up.
Lucio Arman
Male Child, Taurus

He is a handsome little guy if I do say so myself. Bianca has left for college, which did at least free up a little space in the house. I know Daniela is ready to have another baby. That one I'm not so sure about. I guess we'll have to talk about it. It's amazing where life takes you.


Dear Diary,

I have officially left for college. I can say not much happened before I left other than mom and dad getting married, and Lucio growing up. We were all around to see Lucio grow up.

Luico growing up.

We spent a lot of time together before I went off for college. I know Allegra and Adona will be great older sisters to him as well.


Hello Diary,

Bianca left for college, and Lucio grew up in a school kid. Now he's headed out to school with Allegra and I and we all come home and work on school together. Mom and Trent decided to get married in the kitchen. They didn't even have a ceremony or a honeymoon. I think they should take on soon. Trent is pretty strict with money though, so Allegra and I have been working on raising scholarship money to help pay for college. Life is looking up a bit right now. Allegra even has had a couple of dates with our neighbor Denis.



School is still going well, and my friends are growing. I had a couple of amazing dates with our neighbor Denis Marzena. He is so dreamy, and a sweet guy. I think he's about ready to head off to college too. Maybe we'll see each other more there. Bianca already left for college, she was ready to go. I am to, and I know Adona is as well, but we've got a little time left. Mom and Trent did get married in the kitchen after Lucio grew up. They both seem really happy about it. I think Trent will be good for mom, and Lucio has brought a new energy to mom.


Its me,

I used to hang out a lot with Bianca.

Bianca and Lucio playing

Now she left. Mom says she left for college. I miss her, she used to play with me. Alle and Dona play with me to.

Lucio saying goodbye to Bianca



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Apr. 10th, 2009 03:07 pm (UTC)
How quickly they grow up!

Oh how I hate coming to a house to find people in aspiration failure. Luckily it is more often the other way around. I come back to a family and think "what is everyone so happy about?".

Anyway, kudos to Trent for doing the right thing! Even if forced by the Hand of Fate. ^_^
Apr. 11th, 2009 12:51 am (UTC)
It is MUCH nicer to wonder why everyone is happy. lol....Trent surprised me. He wanted to get engaged, but then rolled up a fear of it right when I was having him do it....but he really WANTED to get married so I went, ok, do it now before you roll it into a fear this time. lol
Apr. 10th, 2009 07:17 pm (UTC)
aw Lucio is a cutie.

Apr. 25th, 2012 08:48 am (UTC)
Thanks....I really like his genetic combo. :)
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